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Interview With Sir Beachy!

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Tip.It: When did you start playing RuneScape, and how did you find it?

Sir Beachy: I started playing RuneScape within the first hour it opened. I had played games that Jagex had created before on a different games site and became top 3 within the most popular game they had to offer, made lots of friends and they told me about RuneScape then showed me the website that got me hooked on wanting to play. I first logged in very confused as you can imagine but the friends I had made on the previous game like Lightning and Merlin helped me greatly in my path to some great fun I've ever had on an MMORPG. The game was very small when I started only Lumbridge, Varrock and barbarian village existed, there was no banks and many many bugs were still being found even after its launch with duping items and such which were taken care of accordingly but it was still fun to be a part of those fun bugs. The first 2-3 days the game was very quiet I remember Andrew Gower logging onto the game and sending everyone a global message saying something like 'Sorry for the lag there are 20+ players online' which is very amusing considering the 200,000+ players that play simultaneously as they do now. The hardest thing to kill when you first started was 'Gunthor the Brave' I think he was level 32 at the time, unlike the level 700+ monsters you see now. The best items you could get food wise was bread, which you had to make from scratch and with only 30 inventory slots including all the armour and gold you have (no banks) it was very difficult so most new players ate rat meat. The best items you could wear was a mithril plate, mithril legs (I think addy legs came out with Al Karid sometime later), an addy large helm and a bronze kite. With a mithril battle axe or long sword etc. Because only 30-40 players played the game the community was very very close, every time you logged in you would rarely see a new player which was great for making new friends at the beginning. And because of the close community I still deem it to be the best time I ever had on RuneScape even after 7 years and with all the extra features you have now because people were more friendly and helpful and less abusive/childish. I could go on and on but I think you get the general idea of how it used to be at the beginning .

Tip.It: Some things happened that caused you to quit runescape for awhile, what happened and why did you come back?

Sir Beachy: Well I decided to leave RuneScape when I got around the level 100 combat mark, I started playing more than I wanted too to keep in the top 20 hp and overall scores, getting very addicted some of my school work started to slip and I had other real life problems I had to take care of. But After I got some real life things sorted and left school to go to college/university, since I am older and wiser to manage my time and not take the game too seriously and just have fun, I decided to come back.

Tip.It: So what does Sir Beachy mean, and what does your new character's name mean?

Sir Beachy: Well I first created the character 'Beachy' because that's my nickname in real life but I had problems with that character when I started out so, going along with the old style theme RuneScape is set in I decided to call myself 'Sir Beachy' as my new character which I went to develop a lot further. (I couldn't think of anything else to call myself ). I now play on another character of mine that I created around 3 years ago '0 O O0 00', that I used to stake with as my main intentions were to come back have fun and stake. I saw some people walking around with names like 0o0ooo000 which I thought was a funny way to call your character, it means nothing and that's just the type of name I wanted. I know some of those names were made to scam people but that was not my intention at all. So I made around 200m which was worth a little bit more 3 years ago than it does now, bought some gear to help me level up and that's how my character has developed to what it is now.

Tip.It: What do you feel about clans on RuneScape? Please share your clan experiences.

Sir Beachy: RuneScape clans are great, they offer ways to meet new friends and participate in all sorts of group activities such as the God Wars Dungeon and all the new mini-games RuneScape has to offer. After all RuneScape is a 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game' so you want to feel part of a group that you can enjoy the game with. I think the current clan system could be worked on to be a-lot better and they should make a better effort to drive more clan base, however because RuneScape is Java based Jagex have already started managing to create a good clan base. I was the first recruited member of the first clan ever to be created in RuneScape 'Wanderers' the clan was created by Lightning and Stud690 and they asked me to join. The clan was the biggest and strongest clan for a very very long time with some great members and we enjoyed the banter with any other clan that wanted to take our glory, such as BDK who was run by Robin Hood2 who brought endless rivalry to the clan which made the game much more fun, the game in the end turned into a 'good' and 'bad' player base for a long while, the good players joined Wanderers while the rest joined BDK with some other small clans that started emerging. I'm sure that's how clans first kicked off. I've not been in many clans since except 'KoFH' (Keepers of Forgotten Honour') Which was created by Das1330 and Ladykilljoy to bring back some of the old school players that still played the game and offer new members but sadly after a few years the clan eventually disbanded. I then joined 'Phoenix' which was a small clan that most of my friends had joined and until recently after a year of being clan-less I recently joined RSS 'RuneScape Skillers' one week ago and enjoying my time so far with the clan. But all of my experiences of being in a clan are positive and I'd recommend anyone to join a clan because I've never had negative feedback/experiences from clans.

Tip.It: How much did you play Daily in classic vs how much you play now?

Sir Beachy: I used to play around 2-3 hours a day when I first started playing the game in January 2001 and then slowly as months went by I played a lot more because I got addicted to playing and it went up to at least 10 hours of playing a day, which is when I decided to call it a day and leave the game for awhile. Now I'm older and wiser I play a maximum of 4-5 hours a day on average and that's still a lot in my opinion, but if other players want to play more than good luck to them, everyone has their own individual way of playing the game even if it's for 5 minutes a day or 12 hours. I'd like to play more actually but a-lot of life's responsibilities get in the way heh, life is overrated as some say .

Tip.It: What do you deem your RuneScape achievements?

Sir Beachy: Well I've achieved meeting friends online and having fun when bored mostly but I've achieved a few minor things in the game like one of the first 50 players to gain 100+ combat. But on my current character i had generated a good reputation at staking and I've achieved 135.6 combat, 1857 skill total and 6 99 skills, soon to be 7 when I get 99 slayer so far. But I play to have enjoy myself when bored and try not to set too many high goals and have fun along the way rather than worrying what levels I have.

Tip.It: RS2 has been out quite awhile now. Do you miss Classic? If so, what do you miss, what do you like about RS2?

Sir Beachy: I miss classic a-lot it was the best time I ever had on this game and never had as much fun on any other MMORPG and would love the opportunity to do it all again and give up all the updates for it heh. This is mainly because of the close community we had and every update that happened helped your game play greatly because there were a-lot of issues and ways to make the game better it was thrust rating waiting for the big updates, unlike now they seem less impressive even if they were worked on twice as much. E,g banks did not exist, even for coins so if you died with some hard earned coins in your inventory, you lost it, tuff luck. So when the banking for coins came out it improved the game greatly as did all the other updates that came later. I witnessed things like the first ever 99 which was obtained by Everdred and was gained in woodcutting, getting a 99 in any skill back then was a huge achievement compared to how it is now and I'm glad I was there to witness it. The game is 10 times easier to play than it ever was in classic, no bank notes existed, only certificates which were annoying to create and swap, you couldn't 'make X' with anything, mining and fishing you had to go to your inventory and specifically click on the pick axe or lobster cage and then the fishing/mining spot repeatedly until your invent was full which was very stressful compared to the very few clicks you have to do now.

I like RS2 because of the huge amount of features and improved graphics it has brought over RSC and love that it's easier to level in most cases instead of tedious clicking, clan base is better, mini games, improved items like barrows (so much to mention and you all know about it ) however I still prefer the time I spent in RSC because of the close community etc.

Tip.It: Tell us some about classical pking, your experiences and memories and how you feel it contrasts with any of the RS2 pking.

Sir Beachy: RSC PKing was completely different to how is it now. At first you could PK anywhere on RuneScape! The only difference was that you could only attack players 4 levels in front or behind your level. E,g if you were level 100 only players from level 96 to 104 could attack you also you could choose to be a 'Player killer' or a 'Non-Player-Killer' and you only had two chances to make your mind up, e.g everyone was a player killer so you had a chance to become a non-player killer and then switch back to player killer and then that was it forever until the wilderness came out some time later with the arrival of members. You had to fight at least 3 rounds of combat before your character could run away from that player because the RSC engine couldn't handle both players running and being able to hit at the same time like on RS2. So because of this you had to be good at not only killing the other player in combat but 'catching' up to them once they had run away because of the 10 seconds before you could log out rule, if your enemy managed to run away and not enter combat for 10 seconds then they get away by logging out, so unless you mastered the art of 'catching' you lost. Unlike now in RS2 you run and hit the player and they can try to run away and it's only unless the other players run energy has ran out that in most cases they lose and you didn't have such features like 'freezing' your opponent like 'Ancients' offers now. Along with this there was no multi-combat because the RSC engine couldn't handle the amount of data of lots of players hitting another player at once which was possible in RS2. It was like playing a completely new game PKing wise when RS2 came out. But most of the changes that happened in RS2 for PKing was much better however what I do hate is that there is not much gain in PKing so I stopped PKing in RS2 after awhile because you would put a lot of effort into killing another player to only end up with 100k's worth of loot because they used rune to PK in. Which is fair enough everyone is allowed to fight in whatever they wish but I think that the rewards for managing to defeat another player should be improved otherwise it's not worth my time and effort. I could go to the God Wars Dungeon with a friend and easily gain 10 times that in the same amount of time it could take to kill another player with less risk in most cases.

Tip.It: Who were some of your Pking Partners? Your Rivals? Do you feel in Rs2 it is more nameless killing and less of a rivalary attached it and that rs2 lacks great feuds?

Sir Beachy: Most of my PKing partners were from the clan I was in 'Wanderers' which consisted of at least 30 players online at once for me to ask for help which was great to have since at that time only a maximum of maybe 1000 players played at once. I had many rivals mostly from other clans such as BDK and other players I had met along the way that ended up being my enemy. But I enjoyed this banter it made the game much more fun than everyone being boring and friendly all the time, but now sadly 90% of the players are unfriendly so that doesn't count anymore heh. I like nameless killing in a way that you beat them and nothing else comes of it where as if I PKed a player in RSC you were hunted down for it and made lots of enemies by doing it, which is fun but could get annoying if you're trying to level and have people constantly trying to kill you heh. But for the sheer enjoyment of being hunted by clans as an individual was great fun unlike now where many more clans exist, most people solo PK unless its organised by the clan or a small group. The PKing system now I think is ridiculous, players can only fight in a small environment? Its 100% pointless, the purpose it's supposed to serve doesn't work, people can still RWT (Real World Trade - Rule 12) and I assumed the whole point of removing it was to counter this problem, which it has not. But you can still kill another player if you wish and I guess that's what counts. I don't PK at all now, or very rarely, if I feel like PKing ill just go to castle wars for a few games, those few tickets are worth more to me than what I'd gain from PKing in bounty hunter.

Tip.It: What goals do you currently have?

Sir Beachy: My main goal right now is 99 slayer which is only 10% away from being completed. This was my first goal I wanted after my staking, I wanted to have a skill that was impossible to buy and I decided that, that skill would be slayer. My other goals I wanted like 99 all melee's, 99 magic, 99 range were completed alongside my goal of slayer which also helped towards reaching my 99 slayer goal. Once my slayer goal is completed I want to concentrate on getting all skills to 70+ and enjoy the game a little more than I have been and then see what I feel like doing once I get to that point .

Tip.It: Jagex has released quite a few updates that have been loved and hated by players, how do you feel about the recent updates? Do you feel Jagex has lost touch with its player base or is making a better game?

Sir Beachy: I think they have made major changes far too close to each other. I think the removal of the wilderness should have not been removed but since it has it should have been left a-lot longer than it had been between the grand exchange update. However I know that Jagex wants what is best for their players and business so maybe making these huge changes all at once will better people in the long run. I agree with all major updates that Jagex have added I just think most of them could be improved or overlooked and made better. Which they are doing slowly like the 'Item Lending' system, players just need to be a little more patient and understanding instead of ranting all the time and think about things from all angles before jumping at the chance to complain. I personally think they should do more poll type updates with major changes like the wilderness update, once they have been added to help fuel feedback, but after time like 3 months where people have had chance to deal with the update. Make better suggestions/improvements instead of them ripping the game apart and saying 'tuff' they need more player feedback and act more on what players want.

Tip.It: Do you have any other stories or pictures you would like to share with the RuneScape world?

Sir Beachy: I don't really have any interesting or exciting stories that I can think of except when you were making wine in RSC you would have to 'ferment' the wine, but if you went up and down a ladder 20 times it fermented strait away so you used to see people going up and down a ladder constantly in the cooks guild which was funny to watch. I lost all my RSC pictures when my hard drive failed all them years ago. I do however have a link that has pictures and some stories of how RuneScape used to be, created by Meili below:

You can also find old updates that Jagex released before RuneScape was opened to players using the web archive site. Such as:

Did You Know...
...that Noterazzo buys tradable items from you for the High Alchemy price? It's just the first item, so do not sell 10 at once. Also beware of Revenants visiting the Bandit Camp. (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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