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Runescape is a time-intensive game to excel at, which by no means I do. I have been playing for around five years; many of the top players hadn’t even heard of the game yet. I saw the addition of many updates, big and small. I leveled up and finally got to 20 combat on goblins. I think that being relatively low leveled for five years brings me to be sensitive about assumptions.

Experience and knowledge all help in Runescape, but time helps the most. Read Ts_Stormrages’ article about his development as a player, and compare it to my 5 years of playing with 1,100 overall, 78 combat. When I started I read up on everything. I finished all my quests early on in my career, and just messed around for a long time. I quit because with my time it did not seem like I was achieving anything. I was being called a newb and n00b. I decided it wasn’t worth it.

At one point I came to the Tip.It IRC channel, and asked for moneymaking help. I decided that high-leveled players could be nice and would not insult me, and fell back in love with the game. I toiled for about an hour a day (as much time as I could set aside) fishing lobsters and selling them. Then, the next day I won an in-channel raffle for a Guthan’s skirt. (That’s my recollection.) Being F2P, it was sold and I got 600K. I started investing it and continued. I expected the comments to go away, but they never did. Finally, it struck me.

At this point the MiniClip generation was in full swing and the community was probably at its' all-time low in maturity. That explained the n00bs, but why newb?

The answer came in two forms, neither seemingly connected: Time and assumptions. I didn’t invest enough time to get high leveled, and they assumed I was new as my levels could be obtained in around four months. I put these facts aside and continued to play.

I had other things going on in my life that prevented me from playing much, and realized that it was fine. I would never be that great but I should enjoy it. It was at this point I decided that it’s not about the levels, it’s about getting them.

I would also ask all of you reading to not assume somebody is new, or even call them a newb. Assumptions are made everyday about experienced players.

Did You Know...
...that the Forinthry Bracelet used to be called Abyssal Bracelet? With the name change, it also got the added feature of removing a Revenant's Teleblock, and allowing you to teleport again. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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