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Greetings everyone, this is a very special edition of the Times. First off we have an excellent article by Ratchet573, followed by some Letters to the Editor.

Do new players get it easier now?

A recent update has gotten rid of Tutorial Island. Most people know it as the place where they first created their treasured Runescape character, learned about all the skills in the game, and learned everything else essential to the game.

But, some people might have remembered a small problem. You are then teleported to a place you had no clue about. You did not know where to go, what to do, and walked about randomly, searching for someone to help you.

I remember those days quite well. Its hard to get into a game when you know zilch about where to go, where you are, and what to do. A while back, guides were introduced, which were a help. They gave you essentials, and would tell you where some things were. That was quite a help, new players were now able to train easily, and get directions to quests and things like that.

Still there was a problem. Having not been introduced to this land, you had no idea where you should go. With the new Tutorial Quest, it teaches you everything you need to know, while you explore Lumbridge. An arrow now directs you to where you should go, and the quest takes you everywhere, teaching you more than Tutorial Island ever could, throwing you out unprotected in a land you have never been to, instead of having this small island with no danger at all.

I made a new character specifically to check this quest out. It is a large improvement from Tutorial Island. I asked some new players about it afterwards and they said that it was enjoyable to learn all of the skills and other essentials while exploring the city, and figuring out where everything was. I also asked if having explored the city helped them in their travels through Runescape so far and they all replied "Yes." One said that knowing his way around has helped him in completing some quests and working on the Lumbridge Achievement Diary, while another said it was good to know where all of the different spots were. He could now fight and get food without having to figure out where everything was.

The question is, do new players get it easier? Of course, there are two answers to that. Yes, because they easily learn where everything in Lumbridge is which aids them as they adventure around. No, because having learned all this, they do not learn the hard way, it is much easier to learn the map if you do your own adventuring.

Of course, I asked a higher level about the new tutorial and he said that it was making it easy for them, instead of facing the reality of Runescape, they are learning more just by a guide. More higher levels said it's nice that newer players do not need directions to different places, while others said that they should have to deal with the world themselves instead of getting a helping hand along the way.

It's all a matter of opinion. I personally think it is good that players are able to get involved in the game more and not be completely at a loss of where they are, and what to do.


Now for the Letters to the Editor

Here is a letter from Daveb in response to “Perspective”.

I couldn't agree more on this topic. I personally have been playing Runescape off and on since the very beginning. I remember when Runescape was 2 towns, Varrock and Lumbridge, and I remember buying my first mith kite shield when they were the best. I remember getting PK's in the middle of Varrock when you could PK anywhere. Still - after all these years, I don't have a lot of things that most would think a 7(ish) year player should have. I don't have a lvl 99 skill,.. my combat isn't over 100, and I don't have much in the bank. But I never have taken it too hard being called a newb by high levels, I personally had fun at the Christmas party that their high dollar party hat was spawned at.

I've made great friends along the way, and I've had fun, that IS what it's about.


Here is a letter from ragragdazzledazzle that was in response to Das’s article in our last double feature.

Yes, it is true that Jagex has listened to us time and time again to make our Runescape experience better and more fun. They have made some questionable decisions, of course the wilderness update being one of them. But every month, Jagex releases bucketloads of new content waiting to be picked apart by players. Eventually we figure out the best methods for these things and it becomes routine. We accept it into our working. Of course, some players feel otherwise and quit. That is completely fine! Jagex takes care of all of its players, no matter their age, maturity, activeness in the game. Jagex is like... a mother.

Yes, a mother. They fix things up for us, make things be fun, help us when we get hurt, and do what they know is right. Jagex introduces new content to fill in the place of things they have removed or just to make the game overall more fun. Das's article expresses this in a great way. Sometimes we hate Jagex and sometimes we love it. But in the end, all the people who work at Jagex just work to make the game better. It's like marriage. They always succeed, through thick and thin.

Of course Jagex could do better. But no one is perfect. I'm not perfect. You're not perfect. None of us is, and sometimes we treat Jagex like it should be perfect. Sure, I would love to get some things updated. I personally want more minigames, and weapons and armor in between barrows and rune. But hey, Jagex doesn't have to incorporate it. They don't need to do anything they don't want. But they still do sometimes, just to appease us. So, what I'm saying is, Jagex isn't perfect. It has good times and bad times. But all the way through, we need to treat it well. Remember, if there were no Jagex, Runescape wouldn't exist. Treat them as you would want to be treated.


And here is a comment to Turtlefemm’s article from infintebajan.

Ok, I can not understand the way people bash other players just because they say they are underage. I know that some if not most of you roll your eyes and say "Uggh an underage kid". I have at times pretended to be underage just to get a rise out of some people. I know when you are in a hurry to get somewhere and some noob comes up to you and says "Can you show me the way to Varrock?", Most people keep on walking and don't even bother to answer. If you did not see the message fine but if you have seen at the very least you could say is no. Don't ignore the person just because you think he/she is underage, it could be your 40 year old next-door neighbor asking you for some help. If the new and MATURE players see that in the community everyone treats them with indifference, Jagex will lose money, You have lost a potential friend, We have all lost. Even if the noob asking you stuff is immature or types in L33t speak still be nice to him. You might have an affect on his behavior. I'm sure you can list one Runescaper or Tifer that has affected you so the least you can do is leave a positive impact on someone. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Not every new player you meet is underaged and everyone seems to think they are. I loved the way Turtlefemm described her good and mature experiences with underage players, There is a taboo surrounding underage players and it's a taboo that needs to stop. Age is only a number. Immaturity has no age limit.


And another to our esteemed turtle, who, by the way, is a "she" not a "he."

A previous article in "Double Feature!" seemed to strike me by surprise. In the article written by Turtlefemm, spoke about the growing population of younger players in the game. And how they make up a large heart of the Runescape population. In fact he even speaks not just about coping with them, but how they can even be of some help to the general flow of the game. Despite most rants you read on the subject he has one of the first pro younger player attitude I have ever seen. Hearing both sides of the story now allows me to say (a bit more knowingly anyway) and with all due respect to Turtlefemm's that I agree... and disagree. Not in the cruel way of saying that they are all a bunch of do nothings. Or the happy pro younger player attitude Turtlefemm put it. But I feel as if he completely missed the point of younger players in the game, and Jagex's role in the whole thing.

Let's talk about Quick Chat for a moment. I have felt a natural rejection to this program from the beginning. I really think this program should be used for the purpose its name suggests, talking fast (hence the name Quick Chat!) However I feel this is in no way a substitute for real chat for younger players. There is in my opinion four main uses for this program. One being talking faster, and two being for use by muted players, which is just fine. The third use is players who are too young to type. This is the point at which I feel you shouldn't be playing. And frankly you're just too young to be on the internet (I mean come on you guys know what kinda stuff is on there). I suppose it's OK if a parent sets you up on the site and checks up on you, but is Runescape the kind of game you're really ready to be playing? And finally the fourth use would be (and WE ALL KNOW they're out there) overprotective parents! This is understandable at 11, but it begins to grow into a parenting issue in which I believe Runescape should have no jurisdiction; and should not have to accommodate. And unfortunately this adds a middle ground that has encouraged children to play who really shouldn't, or should be taking a long hard talk with their parents about security on the internet.

We also have the Stronghold of Security, Town Criers, The Wilderness Ditch, and all those Stronghold of Security booklets. Now look, I understand Jagex wants to keep players secure, but this just moves beyond that. Any player who is over the age of general maturity (11<) should know this. It annoys me that Jagex accommodates the people who really shouldn't be playing. It almost feels like they are attempting to pull in a younger and younger crowd! If some one happens to give away their password to a friend or send in their password to a "become a mod" email scam, then it's their doing and it's part of life.

Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with young players playing the game. My issue is with Jagex encouraging them, and making accommodations that should just be the trial and error people have to get use to in the game. Things like advertising on Miniclip was a marketing choice. And while I disagree, I respect that. However if people want to see the adventurous atmosphere of Runescape return, a change in one of two things is required. A decrease of younger players into Runescape or a change in Jagex's overprotective nature, one no doubt affects the other. Like a good mother bird, Jagex is there. But sooner or later the mother bird has to push her children out of the nest and hope they fly. Sure a few fall, and some even get up... however others do not... (efficiently self weeding the DNA that is outside of the genetic curve). And that is part of the circle of life. But as for the birds that flapped their wings and flew. They can fly high and true, into the non-existing sunset of Runescape.

SystemsLock (Bleh30 RuneScape Name)

And finally one last letter from Nugeto5 regarding our Grand Exchange article.

I'd first like to say that this was a great article about the Grand Exchange, but I would like to point out a few other things. First, before the Grand Exchange (GE) came out I was able to but some mithril bars, smith them into whatever using my hard earned smithing level, and then sell it back to the Gielinor public for a profit. Now, with the introduction of the Grand Exchange, the price of raw materials has skyrocketed while the cost of the finished product has plummeted. I conclude that it is the ease of the Grand Exchange that has caused this to happen. A mithril battleaxe was harder to come by in the days before the GE, therefore it was more expensive, in turn making me money.

I will admit that the GE has made my life a heck of a lot easier. Before I do a quest I refer to Tip.It and see what I need for that quest. I would then go to the GE and buy it, and then go on my way to complete whichever quest I happened to be doing. I like this aspect of the Grand Exchange.

I only think that Jagex © should do more to regulate the problem stated above. Instead of following the trends of the prices, they should make, for example, buying a mithril bar, smithing it into bolts, and feathering them, profitable.


Did You Know...
...that the boots with the highest ranged defense are actually Rogue boots obtained from the Rogue's Den? They do have a use! (Thanks to Headnazgul!)

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