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The Gold Crunch

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Just a Nightmare? Or a harsh reality.

Okay, so let's look back, Jagex recently revealed plans of bringing back the really old PKing anywhere on certain worlds (Okay so I don't PK, but from what I read, this is a good thing). This was used in Runescape Classic, and the general response to this was very positive. Mostly stuff like “W00t! I luv u Jag3x!111!!!shift!!” are the replies from the offical forums (Haha, no surprises there). So old PKing is coming back? Huzzah! Everyone one is a winner, Jagex has reassured us that Real World Trading won't affect this update in any way. Super! There is nothing that can go wrong, and it's what the economy needs! Hang on, don't things like this happen with time? Right? We still have to go through one horrible step, so don't celebrate yet.

The main problem is the Grand Exchange. Many PKers are now coming out of retirement and stocking up on potions, armour, weapons and food, getting ready for the update. Unfortunately, these items have skyrocketed in price (or gone down). Thus, getting supplies a lot harder as there are not enough people supplying the need. At the time I am writing this, cooked lobsters have gone up by 22% in the last 30 days. It's the same for other food as well, Sharks are slowly crawling up too. As for potions, the Super Attack has gone up by an even more impressive 28.7% in the last seven days! Many potions like this have also gone up in price, making that trip to the Fight Caves a little more expensive than originally planned. So those who don't have the patience of fishing the food, making the potions and crafting the runes are going to be affected quite badly.

Another market which will be affected greatly is Monster hunting. Many of the grand rewards from the God Wars Dungeon have now plummeted, due to Jagex's plans to release new gear. As of the time of this writing, the Armadyl chestplate has dropped by 23.8% in the last 30 days. You would be lucky enough to get a good drop at this point in time, as I predict many more rare drops from Monster Hunting are going to be greatly affected. Trips to these exciting places are now becoming more expensive and without a good drop, it's going to set your monster hunting group back quite a bit. So stock up whilst you can on supplies when this update comes out.

Speaking of armour, it just gets worse for many Barrows armour sets. A Guthans set has dropped by 19.4% in the last 30 days, and it gets worse for many other sets too. Verac's helm has dropped by 14.4% in the last 30 days too. Just when you thought that the Barrows mini-game could help you out, sadly not. It just gets worse and worse.

Perhaps this not all doom and gloom after all, surely there must be one positive thing! Alright, there isn't for the majority, but one type will. They are the Skillers. Yes that's right, they are going to be making lots and lots of cash due to all the prices rising. Okay, so perhaps they do get a break and now get to make millions, but, if they want the money, they have to provide us with the goods, and that means the pressure is on them this time. If there is a lack of potions or food in the market, a lot of people are not going to be happy.

So readers, I welcome you to the new era. This phrase describes the whole situation: PK or Die, it's the skillers who are lucky.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are ready.
Written by Phaper Plane.

Did You Know...
...that when you're hunting Big Chompy Birds, you should bring partially made Wild Pies to add the Raw chompies to? This significantly reduces the weight as unfinished Wild Pies weigh next to nothing, and a Raw chompy weighs about 10kg. (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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