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The Plight of the Safe Spot

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Greetings! This week we have a great article about the plight of safe spots by a guest author for your enjoyment.

With graphical improvements on the rise, an unforeseen side effect has been the disappearances of safe spots. Safe spots are areas commonly used by rangers, mages and halberd users because it keeps them from being hit back by melee attacks while they are pummeling various creatures throughout RuneScape with arrows, spells and the sharp edge of a halberd.

One of the first victims before the recent graphical updates were the stalagmites (rocks protruding from the ground) on the southern side of the Black demon room in Taverly Dungeon. This has forced some rangers, mages, and halberd users to the treacherous Edgeville Dungeon area located in the wilderness, home to Poison spiders and the occasional roaming Revenant. The adventurous and daring among us have ventured to the menacing multi-combat areas of the Chaos Tunnels to seek out safe spots at the Black demons.

Take a stroll to the Fremennik Slayer Cave and head toward the wobbly boxes known as Jellies. At the north area of the room there used to be rocks that allowed players to range and mage across, taunting their targets while staying safe from a gelatinous attack. Those rocks disappeared, causing some players to resort to fighting Jellies using the melee style of combat.

Here's a screenshot of one of the safe spot casualties: Safe spot at the northern rocks of Jelly area

While some spots are on the extinction list, others have popped up. Through trial and error (and a few cuts, scrapes and bruises) those who use safe spots are discovering new ones.

Some players persevered in finding a new safe spot on the southern side of the Jelly room. This new safe spot may be considered even better than the old one since there are more Jellies to use as targets.

One of the tricks is finding which RuneScape monster is a new target from the safe spot. Sometimes a ranger or mage may engage in fighting a creature just to find it retreating to the far reaches of the corners, causing them to run out after it and therefore becoming exposed to its attacks. It then becomes a game of "Tag, you're it!" by continuing the attack on the monster so it comes toward you while you're running from it to avoid being hit before it starts to retreat again. Or you can stand your ground and take some hits while finishing off the cowardly creature.

For those of you who use melee as your primary form of combat, please keep in mind that in a room of NPC's, only a few are targets for those who use safe spots. Be courteous of each other and enjoy the journey of experience and loot.

Which safe spot have you seen disappear? Which new safe spots have cropped up?


Did You Know...
... That if you haven't completed Lost City quest, but still wish to access Puro-Puro, you can ask a friend to talk to the wandering Imp in the Zanaris wheatfield to find out where the current portal is in the RuneScape world? Then proceed to travel to the proper location, and you can access Puro-Puro through there. (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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