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Building skill levels in RuneScape is almost always about the amount of time that you invest in each skill and not so much about how rich you are or how many people you have working for you. Not saying the second two options are not handy but in the end it is about your time and how you manage it.

I tend to be a rather lazy person by nature so I always seek out ways to combine skills with the intentions of a second skill building while my attention is really on the main skill. This is the very reason I enjoy the Farming skill so much. Its all in how you approach things you see.

On it's own farming is not a big thrill. You run around the map to various plots, make compost, plant seeds and harvest crops. Not a lot there to get excited over on it's own but if you pay attention you will see that farming builds many secondary skills such as woodcutting, herblore, thieving and the combat style of your choice. Just my sort of skill! And if I choose to stay with a plot to keep an eye on my garden I still can train woodcutting while I wait and either fletch or burn the logs I get. The Falador gardens are perfect for this since they have several Oak and even some Yew trees near by. The additional bonus of the occasional tree seed makes this a productive method in more ways than one.

Numerous other skills can be combined as well though just how they can be linked is not always so obvious. Mining is a skill I often combine with range or magic. Odd combination you say? Well, not really that far fetched if you think about it. Two of the main mining areas in Runescape for all mining levels are the Dwarven Mines and Scorpion Alley and both provide a large variety of ores from Tin and Copper all the way up to Adamant as well as scorpions to kill. Perfect! Just select the combat skill of your choice and get to work...mine some ores, kill some scorps, mine some get the picture. Carry that one step further to smithing and you're left with even more options. You can smelt your bars, smith your armour and high alchemy the resulting armour or weapons and give yourself a bonus of magic or you can make cannonballs, darts or arrows and build some fletching and eventually some range levels.

On the odd day I am not feeling all that inspired to rule the world you can often find me making air runes just south of Falador. Even here, even on the days I am just not up to snuff if you pay attention you will see I am doing more than one thing. I take my essence to the altar and make my air runes. Then I pop out and head back to the East bank, but, just before I reach the south gate I stop and cut the yew tree there while I wait for my energy to build back up a bit. This in the end gives me Runecrafting and woodcutting which eventually result in fletching and magic. Awesome.

So, there you have a few of my tricks for making the most of my time while I play Runescape. Look around and pay attention and soon you will find yourself plotting out methods of game play that make the most of your time as well. Eventually? We can all rule the world!

Did You Know...

...that the best place to get flour is the sinclair mansion north of seers/camelot? There is a barrel full of flour, and you can take an infinite amount of it out, as long as you have empty pots. Useful for low-level cooking. (Thank Marcin117!)

...that if you want to run for only a quick amount of time but don't want to go through the menu and hit the run button, you can press and hold down the CTRL key for as long as you want to run? (Thanks Mr_Hyde1218!)

...The gem drop ratio from any monster is 720 sapphires, 360 emeralds, 160 rubies, 80 diamonds, 40 half keys for one left half dragon square shield. This is a simple geometric series where each next item is half as common as the one before, except the shield which is 40 times rarer than a half key. (Thanks lovh0!)

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