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Nowhere to Build but Up

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99... The number of hit points that it is possible to have under normal circumstances,and a cap of sorts for Jagex.

Even with the godsword PvP is becoming more based on luck and less on skill and in some cases even skills. Who can get lucky and get a two or three hit kill with two specials? 99 hp is a huge cap for Runescape as it limits the effectiveness of all weapons (at least all of those that can be used in PvP) Jagex realized that the godsword was dominant enough for pvp, that they needed to counter it, and with a great quest and release as well as boss they released the Corporeal beast along with the spirit shields. They were supposedly the polar opposites from the godswords, meant to limit their effectiveness. At this time, it doesn't seem like there will be any stronger melee weapons introduced. It simply cannot be done without making even stronger and more unbalanced armor and that seems an unlikely scenerio, considering the base cap of 99 hit points that our game is up against. There isn't much challenge in easily wiping out opponents in one or two hits on a pvp world. Fighting gear has outgrown our stats.

The prior discussion only deals with melee, ranged still can’t hit anywhere close to that hard or fast and with armor that has huge bonuses against range, ranging an opponent is not the logical fighting method with the current weapon and armor choices. Maging isn't an effective fighting method in PvP any more than ranged; a mage will find himself hit hard very quickly. And as a mage he is lucky if he can hit low thirties with ancients, which can be good against mobs, but is too costly and slow to be used as a regular method of PVP fighting.

Melee, under current conditions has capped out. Without the ability to have over 99 hp there aren’t many more viable updates. There still isn’t a ‘whip’ of ranged training, and mage isn’t effective PvP. These two fighting styles do have room for expansion, and I think that melee deserves some more armor, but when all of these skills have been fulfilled to the limits of our 99 hit point cap, what direction can PvP take? What challenge is there?

Jagex recently released their new update schedule which seems to build up instead of out. With more minigames and updates to pre-existing skills Jagex seems to be deepening the game rather than expanding it. With these new updates it seems they consider the game almost ‘finished’ in areas and content. They are simply trying to improve its gameplay and let it coast into a state with only new quests minigames and interface improvements. This seems like they're ignoring the fact that they are in a corner with combat.

The game may become like Warcraft, successful through depth and quality of gameplay and not through updates. I already see the advantages of Warcraft over Runescape decreasing. If they wish to expand the realm of PvP available melee more hp should be available, but that doesn't seem to be part of their plans.

Personally I am a fan of more special weapons that are effective against certain monsters. (Like the salve ammy and dragon slayer gloves) Jagex has realized they have hit a wall of sorts and have since changed their update status. They are deepening and improving the quality of the gameplay, as that is where they can expand.

Jagex has done their best to work out of this corner, and I am impressed by their efforts. However the progression of melee should have been more limited, or been made slower to allow for more updates. Jagex needs to look at the bigger picture so that they can better sustain updates. I do understand the difficulties involved, but hope Jagex can find a way to continue updates to the melee skill that will not upset the balance. While it may be necessary to raise the hp cap over 99 to do this, there should be a way of making PvP more skill oriented again. They did a nice job striking a balance with the latest PvP updates and if they continue to make updates like this hopefully Runescape will continue to grow outward as well as upward.

Did You Know...
... That there are FOUR different antidote potions? Besides the Sanfew Serum, Barbarian Mixes and the odd quest item, there is the Antipoison, Super Antipoison, Extra Strong Antipoison and Super Strong Antipoison. The latter three also give increasingly longer time of immunity against getting poisoned again.(Special thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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