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Don’t Forget Your Chores!

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Once upon a time, in the far off land of Misthalin, there lived an adventurer who traveled all the lands. In his (or her, but for brevity we’re using “he” today) travels, this brave adventurer reached out to the lonesome islands of Miscellania and Etcetera, where he became ruler. He agreed to help out, occasionally aiding in the cutting of wood, mining of rocks, or raking of leaves. In exchange, his kingdom favored him, and he was able to reap huge bounties from the fruit of his kingdom.

He also created an incredible monster in doing so.

Today, the average adventurer has a to-do list a mile long, if they are to enjoy the “efficient” benefits. Daily stocks at stores are common. One can buy 40 pineapples, and 80 seaweed each day for only 2 gp each. Battlestaves at Zaff’s staffs are offered at a bargain-basement price of 7k, and an accomplished adventurer can buy up to 64 of them!

But wait, there’s more! Every day Bert will get you dozens of buckets of sand just for being so darned handsome. Whenever you like you’re a trip from Ooglog away from being able to simply run ad nauseum for 20 minutes! Every day there’s an alien in a big rock out there waiting for you to mine him free. If you do, there’s 50k, 150 cosmics, 50 astrals, and 20 gold ore with your name on it.

That’s not all! Each week you can now perform in a traveling circus, showing off and developing your magic, range, and agility skill! Also, you can travel around the globe, working diligently to narc on spy penguins that travel quickly, hide cleverly, but pay out –quite- handsomely with tailorable experience. For a simpler time, head down to the Tears of Guthix game for a bowlful of Juna Juice; enough to earn you somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand experience in your weakest skill.

There are still other opportunities out there that I leave out of the renewable, time-sensitive minigames. I still haven’t touched on farming, for example. As a player that strives for efficiency, I think that nearly all of these items are worth the time and effort required. I feel guilty when I –don’t- dedicate the time to taking care of them, and yet they are so numerous that now just staying up with these daily “chores” can take several hours with travel time and task completion.

A very strange phenomena occurred when “Distractions and Diversions” came out.

I wanted them to stink!

There, I said it. I was hoping the circus, penguins, and comets would be lousy side offerings, so I could discard them and not worry about having another thing to do. They don’t, I can’t, and now I often find myself lured away from the task at hand to chase down a falling rock or go penguin chasing.

Jagex has shown commitment to adding in more “dailies” as additional pieces of value-added content. They are undeniably useful, but a part of me views them as a nuisance. Do you do them? Do you enjoy them? Do you ever hope they stink, or am I the only crazy person in the world?

Did You Know...
... that the Ring of Exploration (Lumbridge Achievement Diary reward) when worn has a small chance of creating additional Water, Earth, Fire and Air runes? The additional runes also provide you the XP you would normally gain when crafting them! (Special thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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