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December excitement

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The final month of the year and another Behind the Scenes is among us. As always, these are an interesting read as most people want to know what to expect in the near future in RuneScape. However, I'd like to go out of my way to thank the crew for adding a great holiday touch to this website layout. Really gets me in the mood, some nice and simple changes.

Firstly,I'm sure most people would have searched vigorously for the sign that both Player Owned Houses (POH) and Carpentry would be coming out this month. It was said by Jagex earlier in the year when Farming was first announced that Quote: “Player Owned Houses are still being worked on along with the Carpentry skill for release towards the end of this year - Honestly! :-).” Unfortunately however absolutely no sign of it was shown in the Behind the Scenes and by the amount of content they are already planning to release this month, looks like the users of RuneScape will once again be let down by the promise of POH and Carpentry.

Still despite that disappointment, we still have got quite an interesting month ahead with some useful updates and a few surprising ones as well. The first point already mentioned was featured in this week's update where a new desert village was released with yet another quest. This quest isn't the most exciting quest but with the addition of the Farming Leprechauns this makes Farming that little bit easier. Basically these Leprechauns hold your Farming equipment for you and allow you to have quick access whenever you decide to do some Farming which is quite handy. Perhaps it will get some people to give Farming, arguably the most unpopular skill, a second chance.

Another quest looks likely as well later on in the month with the mention of a lowly monk requiring help. The most interesting point here is the appearance of a new weapon. Could this perhaps be the new Granite piece of Equipment mentioned earlier? It will certainly be interesting to find out and I'm sure a lot of people are hoping this weapon has some useful features unlike a few of the latest weapons which haven't been awfully impressive or useful.

Onto other updates that are planned for this month and the Champions Guild is finally going to get an upgrade. I particularly remember back in RuneScape Classic where the NPC in the Champions mentions that over time the Champions Guild would get some new rewards and features. However, after many years of nothing changing there it looked like it was never going to change. Fortunately the time is finally among us and I'm sure the F2P players will be happy with this update as it is one of the rare updates that should affect them as well.

The expansion of the Ice Caves in southern Asgarnia is another update we should see this month. I'm sure most players remember the Ice Caves back from the Knights Sword Quest, it will certainly be interesting to see what is beyond the tunnel that is currently being dug in the Ice Caves as so far details are blurry to what lies ahead. None the less get ready to equip your Elemental Shield and venture deep into the unknown!

Finally Christmas is quickly approaching and keeping with the spirit of the Holiday Events, which Jagex have been holding over the past year, we will see a Christmas event. This event looks a lot more exciting then last year where a Santa NPC was available with a reward of a Yo-Yo. This year however this event looks much bigger as we'll see a Christmas Tree placed in Varrock with the opportunity to decorate it with a reward of a Christmas Scarf and Hat.

Overall it looks like quite an exciting month we are in for during December. Ideally it would have been good to have seen POH and Carpentry released this month. Basically ever since RuneScape began continually the promise of Carpentry has been around, however yet again that is looking very unlikely to happen. Then again you never know how it'll turn out eh.

Happy Holidays Everyone! And it might be worth keeping in mind that the 5th year anniversary of Runescape is coming up in January 2006!

Did You Know...

... that Monster armour differences are far greater than players'? While a player in full plate armour may have only a very slight vulnerability to a crushing attack, the monster in full plate armour (and by ‘monster' we mean anything attackable, so a Paladin or a White Knight would fit) would have a much greater vulnerability. For example, Ice Warriors have very good armour against both stabbing and slashing but a player using a crushing weapon will cut through them like a machete through grass.(Thanks lovh0!)

......that climbing boots gives you a strength bonus of 2? I think thats the coolest thing. A cheap boot you can helps your combat attack. I think its the only boot in the game that gives a strength bonus.You get the boots from the the Troll Stronghold area. You remember these right? He sells them for under 100gp each, and you can buy as many as you want. They come in melee-handy when you don't need the defense and could use the extra umph. (Thanks Leesters!)

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