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Christmas Silliness

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Ah, what a great time of year in the land of Runescape! Tip.It has put their lights up, everyone has dusted off their Santa Hats and Yo-yo's, and the anticipation for the new Christmas Tree in Varrock is the buzz around town. The rumour is that the tree will roll through the gates early next week! Its starting to look a lot like Christmas around Runescape.

It's the time of year when the merchants and profiteers put aside their pursuits of profit in the spirit of giving. Where the piles of wealth are given to friends instead of sold to strangers. Where the values of good monster drops are less important than their friends' needs to have them. Where buyers look for bargains for family, and where sellers give discounts for gifts. Such a cheery time to play! Only 9 shopping days left, and still so much to get!

Shall I go see the new Skeletal Wyverns to get my Pker mage friend the new Granite Legs? He's always wanted something with good defence against those pesky rangers, and these new legs sure fit the bill! Hope I can talk Vanessa to giftwrap for me, but she's been so busy with her Frog Prince business. Or maybe a Wyvern will drop one of their dragonstones. Then I can give that cute new member with the rune-coloured pigtails her first Ring of Wealth! She's been working so hard on her new skills, she sure deserves it. Oh boy, I'm glad I have 72 slayer and an elemental shield, and I sure hope that my friends safe spot on the west wall works! Those Wyverns look tough.

I really should visit the Legends' guild to try my luck for some rare flowers from Mithril seeds. The Mortanian side of the family is returning from the new, updated, Barrows safari offered by TipIt Guides Inc. I hear it's pretty gloomy down there, despite the riches, so I'm sure the pretty flowers will put smiles on their faces.

And also my slayer friend sure would like a nice pile of Earth runes, and I was planning on training on Earth Warriors to get a ton of them, but the new Earth Warrior Champion has me too scared! In fact, all of the Champions are a little scary... even the Imp Champion is fabled to be a worthy opponent. May I put a potion of extra-strength courage on MY shopping list?? Be good to me, Santa, and give me the courage to face my Champion Challenges! That maging Lesser Demon Champion has me shaking in my santa hat! No weapons or armour allowed! Oh Guthix, give me strength!

Since he is level 164, I don't think I'll be fighting any lesser demons real soon, since I don't want to get him challenging me! No, the huge amounts of slayer exp you get for killing the Champions is going to have to wait until after Christmas.

So much to do, so much to get! My favourite smither sure does deserve a nice heap of ore for all those favours she does for me. And my favourite nature buyer deserves a nice little bonus for his December purchase, also. Oh, and I wonder what pressies I'll get?? Maybe a new obsidian cape I've been wanting so badly? Oh, please, Santa, Please?

Oh, I can't wait to see my Runescape friends and family under the Christmas tree in Varrock on Christmas morning! We'll all be sipping on Nettle's Tea, and enjoying our new warm hats and scarves which is rumoured to be awarded to all at the unveiling of the tree. And I sure hope Uncle Khalin from Al Kharid brings some homemade kebabs this year! Yum yum!

Christmas time is here! Happy Santa-ing!

Did You Know...

...that if a weapon is twice as slow, it needs to be approximately twice as accurate OR twice as powerful in order to be as effective as one twice as fast. Thus a dagger is more effective than a halberd. (Thanks lovh0!)

...the higher the woodcutting level needed to obtain certain logs, e.g. chopping them from a tree, the longer they will burn when you light them with your tinderbox.

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