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Happy Holidays!

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Carrying on in the slightly eccentric nature of last week's article (which I would put down to Christmas Spirit), “Oh my goodness, have you seen the tree? I've never seen a bigger Christmas tree in my whole life! How in the name of Guthix did they get that thing through the Varrock city gates? It sure is impressive!”

When the family from Al Kharid finally arrived this week, all my family and friends were together just in time for the new update, and what an update it has turned out to be. As soon as the tree was up, everyone in town was dying to get it decorated. And the news spread fast that Diango from Draynor was in charge of this years Christmas festivities, and it turns out, he's hiring and paying out 8 new holiday items for those who assist him in making toys for the kids.

So we all met at the Christmas tree the next morning, enjoy some of Uncle Khalin's tea, and start our journey over the river and down the hills to Draynor Village. And there we see them! Oh, look at all the new pretty hats and scarves that everyone is wearing! So many smiles, everyone loves the new items! At first, I thought the blue one was a party hat!! It's so pretty! Oh, we we're so excited, we couldn't wait to meet Diango.

Finally we got his attention through the crowd, and he told us we can get our very own Christmas hat and scarf set by helping him build some puppets and tree decorations. Diango told us to see Rosie, and she would tell us all about it. After we found the basement, Rosie told us just what to do.

And we had so much fun making puppets and boxing them! Diango needed 8 boxes of puppets delivered to his friend at the members' gate at Taverly, so we made all 8 boxes while we were there to save walking time. Then he mentioned to us that the tree needs decorating, and he was offering the use of his shop to make our own decorations as long as we made 8 boxes full for him and gave them to Rosie. We quickly painted all the bobbles, boxed them all up, and gave 8 of them to Rosie, and made some for ourselves.

And when we finished, he gave each one of us a set of scarves and hats! So warm and woolly and pretty! It seems everyone just loves the new items. Uncle Khalin was very happy that the Jester's scarf matches his new dragon armour, and he's right, it looks great! And they all noticed how well the Bobble set matches their new Barrows armour. Everyone was all smiles.

Poor Uncle Khalin was so upset when he accidentally destroyed his Woolly hat, but Diango made him smile when he replaced it promptly for him for free, and he told us that he's still looking for workers through January 3rd, and no one is turned down, no matter what their level. Wow, thank you Diango!

That tree was so fun to decorate. It took five full boxes to get it all done! We took a few breaks from all the hard work climbing that tree, and robbed some Santa imps that are hanging around, so we all had a blast! Diango was so happy with the tree, that he gave each of us one of his finished puppets as an early Christmas present! And you can even get a new one of a different colour whenever you want! For free! Diango was so nice; Uncle Khalin is going to make a batch of kebabs just for him. I hope cowboys like kebabs.

What a fun day! After the family was finished shopping for dragon plates and toy horses for the kids, we didn't want to stop playing. We had so much fun on our family outing that we all decided to do the new quest as we all luckily had the skill requirements. With 65 smithing, 50 runecrafting, and 50 fletching required to do the quest, we were all very proud of each other for qualifying.

The quest was short and easy, starts a new storyline, and is introducing the new bow sword! I hope the warriors will show me how to use it soon so I can use my own one day. I can't wait for a new melee/range weapon! This quest does cost you a large pouch, but the 5k fletching and runecrafting exp is worth it! Not to mention the 6500 smithing exp. And we all had fun training in the Abyss, and even one of the kids got a rune large as a monster drop. He was so proud!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. And Enjoy the Update!

Did You Know...

…that there are two altars where you can recharge your prayer and gain a temporary bonus of +2. The first is for both free players and members and is upstairs in the monastery (aka the prayer guild). The second location is the Nature altar in the Morytania swamps. (Thanks Leesters!)

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