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Two Birds and a Stone

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For a while now the new PvP system has been in place, and it has been horribly abused by what’s commonly known as the PvP-trick.

To explain it to those who don't know about it; if you and your partner risk 25k+ on an F2P PvP world or 75k+ on a P2P PvP world and take turns killing each other with the other one "fighting back", you can get drops FAR better then the amount risked by your opponent. This is determined by what’s known as "drop potential", and for that I refer you to the Knowledge base. Doing this in a single way combat zone prevents other people from crashing.

I know that Jagex intended on making PvP popular again, but in my opinion this is ridiculous. It shames the true nature of what PvP was all about. PvP means you make money, yes, but at the demise of others - not having both players gain from it. It defies all logic that your opponent would be dropping more value then he was holding. Talk to any old school PK-er and they will tell you the same thing. Bottom line so far: the PvP system needs to be updated and tweaked to resemble more closely what it used to be in the old wilderness.

Another venom courses in the economic system of RuneScape. Junk-trading has made it completely impossible to buy the true wealth-status items such as Party Hats, 3rd Age gear, or Elysian Shields in the GE.

People who have such GP intensive items in their banks keep track of the item's real value as opposed to what the GE says. And this fluctuates faster then what the GE can accommodate. With Junk-trading, people want to have more GP for their item than that it is currently valued at. Which means they sell you Item X plus a bunch of junk that nobody wants anyways, which you have to pay the additional GP for. As a result, the item no longer trades in the GE, and it becomes frozen, unattainable for the common man.

The solution to both problems is easier then you think.

Jagex could modify the system. Just enough to make sure that the drops of a killed person on a PvP-world never exceed the total value that which he carried. But at the same time, they could factor in the "drop potential" of the person who just killed him to put the total dropped value closer to the maximum, depending on that drop potential, of course.

This would not only remove the "junk" label from a lot of items, as more and more people will now be welfaring (and a lot of the easily obtainable junk items are used in what’s known as welfare pk-ing). It would also provide you with an opportunity to transform the junk back into actual money. And all of a sudden the notorious Maple Longbow (u) suddenly has a value again.

I know that there are still a few holes to be patched. But these simple solutions would give the respect back to PK-ing that it deserves. And while slamming the breaks on Junk-trading; it wouldn't remove it completely, so it is still possible to give your friend a gift.

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