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Invoking the Muse:
A Behind the Scenes Look at the Tip.It Times

Written by and edited by Tip.It

This is a semi-behind the scenes look at the Editorial Panel.

When one starts to write an article they obviously need a topic. But this can be very difficult. Now that we are writing multiple articles a week there are very few truly fresh articles that can be written.

So when you think of a topic any given member of the editorial panel needs to cross-check it across all of the other previous articles. Once this has been done, it is imperative that the article has relevance to the community. Generally an article focused on a 4 month old update does not seize the attention of the community. Then, is the topic writable? Is it possible to write a decent length article on the subject? Here is an example of the general development of an article.

Not only this: there are many subtopics of articles that can be chosen. An article can be opinionated, neutral, factual, or simply meant to spark debate on the forums. In this case, we have a factual article.

Then it is really important that you take into account the reader. You can’t go on a thirty-page well-written rant about the problem of Real World Trading in Warcraft. As a slightly more subtle example, if something is already being debated on the forums, generally interest is focused on that. Also, the forum-goers will going to be interested in newer updates.

This is even more difficult if an opinionated topic is taken. In the case of an opinionated topic you definitely should not spark anger in all of your readers.

Once a topic is thought of the article must be flushed in. If you are going to reference any figures or examples they must be researched, and sometimes this involves playing a little bit of RuneScape yourself.

Then comes the analysis of this data. What does it mean, how was is caused how can it be fixed. Ts Stormrage’s article this week demonstrates how an article can include possible solutions for a problem.

As well, the editorial panel does obviously not have unilateral views: we are not the Borg. For this reason, although articles do not need to be entirely one sided, they must be open to all views.

There are also two other types of articles from the community: one is a response to a previous article and the other is an article itself. Sometimes these come in well-written but are edited for coherency or grammar etc.

Then the article is looked upon by other members of the staff and edited, trying to improve it to the type of quality we need. As a reminder, we are still accepting Tip it Times guest articles and responses to articles. To find out more be sure to visit this topic.

After looking at this article, we hope that you greater understand and appreciate what happens before it magically appears on the main page.

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