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The Early Bird Fights for the Worm

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“Your next assignment is 179 Spiritual Mages.”

“Excellent,” I thought to myself. At this time of night it would be anything but crowded, so I decided to multitask and do Slayer while I finished off some last minute homework. Spiritual Mages require 83 Slayer, so that allows only the higher leveled population of RuneScape to kill them. “I won’t have much competition.” Boy was I wrong.

I geared up and went to the God Wars dungeon. I went to Zamorak’s Fortress and began my assignment. As I had assumed, the world was void of players. After about 10 minutes in, which was about 20 kills, I saw something red on the ground. “Take Dragon boots.” It looked like this was going to be a good slayer assignment for me.

I resumed killing the Spiritual Mages and after a few more minutes, I saw another white dot on the mini map. It was a Level 128 player wearing Prayer boosting armor; no doubt they would be killing Spiritual Mages as well. I always enjoy a bit of company while killing monsters, so I just let him be.

This was where the fun begins. The Level 128 began to kill the Spiritual Mages, but to my surprise, after he had finished killing his, he went to attack the one I was on. Most RuneScapers have the unwritten rule of not killing other players’ monsters, even in multi-combat zones. Usually it was the new players that didn’t follow this rule, but they learned quickly. The way the Level 128 player was behaving tempted me to hop worlds.

“I was here first, so why should I be the one to hop worlds?”

I continued to mind my own business while the other player kept kill stealing from me.

“Boots,” he says.

I was tempted to give a snappy reply such as “I bet telling everyone what drop you get in a game makes you feel good.” However, I simply remained silent as I didn’t want to snoop down to his level.

“Boots again,” he says.

“Those could have been my boots!” I angrily thought. This time I was tempted to just move further within the fortress to find some untouched Spiritual Mages.

“I was here first, why should I be the one leaving this spot?”

After more killing and kill stealing on his part, I see those shiny red things on the ground again. I could act like the Level 128 and yell out what I got, but I didn’t want to stoop to his level, so I kept silent about it.

At this time, he started to do another thing that most players find annoying; half killing. The Level 128 would kill a Spiritual Mage halfway, and then he would immediately attack the next one.

“Are you serious?” I thought to myself. “It doesn’t take a genius to hop worlds instead of acting like this. I expected better from such a high leveled player, who really can’t be a Pest Control Product, seeing as he has the requirements for these monsters.

I should be the better person, and just hop to end this nonsense.

“I was here first, and this person picked the wrong player to mess with.”

I was using a Godsword, while he was using an Abyssal whip. Seeing as I can do half damage in 1 hit most of the time with the help of my Slayer helmet and Super Potions, I’d be getting the drops 80% of the time. So we danced. This unfortunately required all my attention, so after all this, I still had homework to do!

Finally, after about an hour more of this, the player had left, whether because he was annoyed about not getting drops or that he ran out of supplies, I couldn’t say.

“I was here first, and don’t you forget it!”

At this point in time, I had about 30 more to kill, and did just that.

“You've completed 33 tasks in a row and gain 15 points. Return to a Slayer Master.”

Just before returning to Shilo Village for a new task, I went to pick up my little red reward from the ground.

“Your next assignment is 189 Spiritual Mages.”

So what is the moral of this story? I would say that it is to respect your fellow RuneScape players. Otherwise, you just might be featured on an article in the Times.

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