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Analysis of Zanik’s Crossbow Training Effectiveness

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The training effectiveness of Zanik’s crossbow was determined using Fisher’s ANOVA and Tukey’s HSD test. Zanik’s crossbow with Bone bolts is a formidable choice for sustained Ranged training, but does not displace Rune crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts.


With the advent of the latest quest, The Chosen Commander, those wishing to train Ranged have had a new weapon added to their arsenal. Zanik’s crossbow, with the requirements of 48 Ranged and completion of The Chosen Commander, was immediately interesting to many players due to its unique combination of ammunition choice, Ranged attack bonus, and special attack. In order to determine this novel weapon’s utility in Ranged training, we decided to compare Zanik’s crossbow to an established popular method – Rune crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts, which require 61 Ranged and 55 Slayer, respectively. If you are interested solely in the outcome of our study, please see the conclusion section at the end of our article.


To limit the scope of this study, we decided to focus on the effectiveness of Zanik’s crossbow and the Rune crossbow for sustained Ranged training. To demonstrate our attempt to control for variation, the following section describes our method of data collection.

Our data collector was Yimminy6, a master of Ranged. His equipment, from head down, was: Void ranger helm, Ava’s accumulator, Amulet of fury, Void knight top, Void knight gloves, Explorer’s ring, Unholy book, Void knight robe, and Snakeskin boots. He recorded 100 hits on Greater Demons for each of the following weapon and ammunition combinations: Zanik’s crossbow with Bone bolts, Zanik’s crossbow with Mithril bolts, Rune crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts. Defiance, the special attack for Zanik’s crossbow, was used whenever possible, as it would be available to the player in normal training (a total of 6 times for Bone bolts and Mithril bolts each). Note that Defiance adds 3-15 damage to attacks when selected, and uses 50% of the special attack bar per use. Yimminy6 did not record hits that killed a Greater Demon, as these hits may not have reflected the full potential of the particular attack.


Ho: µbo = µm = µbr¬; Ha: µbo ? µm ? µbr¬

Summary of results

Groups Count Sum Average Variance GE Price* DMG-Price Ratio*
Bone 100 782 7.82 50.21 3 2.61
Mithril 100 991 9.91 91.44 89 0.11
100 1105 11.05 93.36 57 0.19

* note: Grand Exchange prices and damage-price ratios current as of March 25, 2009.

Fisher’s ANOVA (a = 0.05)

Source of
SS DF MS P-Value Fcalc Fcrit
Between Groups 536.69 2 268.34 0.034 3.43 3.03
23,265.7 297 78.34 - - -
Total 23,802.4 299 - - - -

Tukey’s HSD test

w = Q0.05, 3, 297 x sqrt ( MSE / J ) = 3.314 x sqrt( 78.34 / 100 ) = 2.93

Bone bolt average hit + w < Broad-tipped bolt average hit ( 7.82 + 2.93 < 11.05).


The null hypothesis ( Ho ) can be rejected at the 95% confidence level because Fcalc > Fcrit. Note that Ho can also be rejected due to the P-value ( 0.034 < 0.05 ). Logically, rejection of the null hypothesis means that the alternative hypothesis ( Ha ) is accepted. This means that, with 95% confidence, there is a statistical variance in the studied groups. Tukey’s HSD test was used next to tease out the variance detected by Fisher’s ANOVA. Tukey’s HSD test indicates a statistically significant difference between the average hits of Zanik’s crossbow with Bone bolts and Rune crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts.


And the consensus is… it depends on what you’re looking for in your Ranged weapon. Zanik’s crossbow with Bone bolts is by far the better choice for those interested solely in cheap training. However, Rune crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts provides a competitive alternative for those interested in faster training at a reasonable price. Zanik’s crossbow with Mithril bolts loses on both counts, being both more expensive than Bone bolts and Broad-tipped bolts, and less powerful than Rune crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts. In sum, we conclude that Zanik’s crossbow with Bone bolts is a formidable choice for sustained Ranged training, but does not displace Rune crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts.

Special thanks to Pattywak23, Audi1 8t, Kain Tyrant, Lady Anon, Celina Ch04, and Seth3365 for help with proofing of the article.

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