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Back to Basics, a bad cliché?

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100 combat, 12.5 million experience. The 'culmination' of over six years of work. As both an older player and not a high leveled one I tend to have biases.

Over a year ago many exciting additions to the game were being made. God wars dungeon, and the summoning skill were released, all received extremely well. But most players (even P2P) were not able to take advantage of these updates to their fullest, which though well planned and exciting didn't affect everybody.

Another interesting topic on this subject, is what I think of as a level bias in communities. The higher leveled players tend to block out the truly massive numbers of lower leveled players, which fuel the game. Whether mining coal or pure essence, or fishing lobsters, these players provide resources and in many cases give memberships to Jagex. This huge amount of resource gathering by both f2p and low leveled p2p drives the entire economy, and without motivation for them to be there the game would collapse.

When I came back to tip it I was looked at as a low-leveled player as 80cmb. In actuality, although 80 combat is not very high it isn't extremely low either. With combat stats in the 60s you still are in the top quarter of players, by Jagex's own numbers. On yet another account with my 58 summoning I am in the 200 thousands of summoning, not low at all.

These are looked over by the greater community, it seems that lower leveled players are not as active in the community as higher leveled ones. Therefore on almost all forums any updates benefiting these players are looked down on, as they don't affect the players.

A point on the other side of the argument that is extremely valid is that because they are loyal players they deserve updates. I certainly agree with this, with a lack of high-level updates the game loses much of it's fun for those that play many hours. I understand this, but I think that there is a certain disconnect.

Six years ago I got help from a random guy. He helped me get to Lumbridge and then explained some stuff. Then he gave me 1k, a lot more money then.

This definitely occurs to this day, at least I know that I have helped numerous random people trying to be nice. But it doesn't happen as much. The old community is now running around killing GWD bosses and the newer community quite honestly doesn't help as much. I will not debate on reasons, but those are my observations.

Jagex. has responded with some, quite frankly, cheesy updates. However these work, they give players advice and get them started. But then again, it is extremely difficult to make NPCs that replace other players. Some other updates on this front were extremely well thought out. Dungeon maps will be a huge help to new players, and the you are here is extremely important to new players.

A third dynamic at play in what Jagex. is doing now is that apart from the debatable GE and trade updates, no huge gameplay updates besides skills have been released since RS2. The one exception to this has come about recently with the fixing of tracking, an important update which makes the game more playable.

Furthermore, there was a lack of communication between the players and Jagex. Jagex. tried to do the best based on truly outrageous rants, while the community ranted about how bad the response was. MMG actually made a huge improvement with his in-game talks.

As a result of this not-nearly exhaustive list of reasons it seems Jagex has gone for changing the code underneath the surface, and implementing new systems. This isn't really that exciting, but it will be appreciated. Being able to refresh using pouches etc is useful, but not exciting.

But almost all of these game updates will affect everybody. No way around it these updates affect everyone, hopefully reuniting the fan-base.

No, none of the updates are groundbreaking, but it is a 'rebuilding season' The old is being changed to the new and although results are not immediate they will most certainly be felt.

But new updates are on the way. Never fear you people who require major change. A new skill on the way, and more quests before them!

Back to basics, not such a bad thing to do.

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