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Homeless New Items

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Many of us, including myself, have succumbed to the dreaded “You do not have space for this in your bank,” messages that haunt us while we take out clothes to wear so we can put items in our bank. Whether you are a skill totaller, PKer, or just like to have a little fashion, it seems that the bank is getting more and more crowded. If you're a packrat you're doomed for sure!

Upon reviewing the game updates, one can find that Jagex added 48 glorious bank spaces in August, largely due to popular demand from all those nasty little seeds and crops used for farming. Since then, Jagex has not shown any hesitation in bringing us new and wonderful toys and clothes. These items include the tough snake skin armor from Tai Bwano; armor, weapons, and jewelry from the mighty TzHaars; the weapons and armors of the glorious White Knights; exciting new rings and weapons from the mighty Dagannoth Kings; flashy armor and staves from the Mage Training Arena; new cooking materials for potatoes of all kinds; as well as many new quest and holiday items.

I know that there is always something you do not need that can be dropped for space, but over 100 new items in the game without a single increase in bank space seems pretty high. If you are planning to stock up for herblore and farming simultaneously, beware! Perhaps I over exaggerate the aggravation of our tiny banks in respect to the number of items in the game, but what good are all these wonderful new items if we can not even consider obtaining them for lack of a place to put them?

Luckily, these items are useful for all players, and not just a few. Most players are just as likely to have full banks as others. Furthermore, high levels have had harsh words for much of the new equipment. Critics of the new infinity armor compare it to Ahrim's and say it is no better except a few pieces. While this may be true on the PKing side of things, many players do not use Ahrim's for training due to the high costs while not even needing a defense bonus. For use outside of PVP combat, utilizing Infinity equipment is far superior to the overpriced use of Ahrim's (not to mention the great training experience players get in the process of obtaining it).

Other highly criticized items are this week's new potatoes. Shark fishers and cookers have shown that they detest a food that only requires level 68 cooking and heals more than sharks do. To these players I say relax, your sharks will still sell. These potatoes will come in handy for a little extra efficiency in the inventory, but at the prices people are talking about selling potatoes for, the people who frequently use high-healing food will still favor sharks. Even with a nearly full inventory of food, these potatoes will only give two to three sharks worth of extra healing power. There are few instances where this efficiency is worth what people want to charge for these potatoes.

Also, just because the requirements are lower does not mean that these potatoes are easier to make. They take a lot more work than your average food, unless one buys the supplies to make them. If one wants to make their own tuna and corn potatoes from scratch, they must milk cows, churn milk into butter, get potatoes and cook them, fish tuna and cook them, get sweetcorn and cook it, put the sweetcorn and tuna in a bowl, use the butter on the cooked potato, then add the bowl of sweetcorn and tuna to the buttered potato. This is no quick task, and the market will be small compared to sharks once the stocks of unused corn sitting in the bank run dry.

On top of all these new items and nowhere to put them, Jagex has made an awful mistake with their “Postbag from the Hedge”. As many players have noticed this week, the high scores contain pictures of a dragon pickaxe and a dragon 2h sword. These pictures have brought extra focus on the letter asking the fire giant why he does not drop the dragon 2h when he is the only character who has one. The Fire Giant's sword is NOT a dragon 2h sword.

Fire Giants, just like Ice Giants and Moss Giants, are elemental creatures. They have an elemental sword, just like the blue sword of the Ice Giants and the big leafy stick of the Moss Giants. If you do not believe this, get a slayer task of Fire Giants (I'd suggest going to Chaeldar in Zanaris if this is your goal) and read the advice the slayer master gives you for fighting them. I too thought it was a dragon 2h in the past, so I am not criticizing the writer of the letter. I was just highly surprised that in answering this letter with a public response, that Jagex did not set this straight.

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Do you have any thoughts or comments about this week's articles? Want to discuss these articles with your fellow RuneScapers? We invite you to discuss them in this forum topic.


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