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Fight or Flight

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I'm sure everyone who has a TV has sat there watching it with the remote in his or her hand. And when your favorite show had just finished, you kept on flicking through the channels time and again even though there was nothing good on for hours on end.

Most of us know the concept of repeating the same action over and over again, while hoping for a different result, qualifies as a sign of insanity. And what do you know, the same can be said for much of what happens in RuneScape.

The best example I can think of has to be The Underground Pass Quest, and most notably, the part in the Grand Hall of Iban with all the Agility obstacles. The Quest requirement does not ask for you to have any Agility level, but how many of us have actually tried it at level 1? Even at level 40 it can take you up to several painful hours of trying and trying and trying again. All that while just one hour of training it puts you comfortably at a level where you can do it without any trouble.

Even making money can be placed in this category. Not for us average people, but I mean those that have a few dozen Party Hats, 3rd Age pieces, and of course a maxed out stockpile of GP. Really, when you have that much money, your only goal seems to be to get ever more of it.

But not all repetitive things are pointless. Take for example a skill like Herblore (there are others like it). It is not a profitable skill without Farming the herbs yourself, and after level 85 there is nothing else to look forward to... Except the Achievement Cape.

So, ok, I get it. An Achievement Cape is something that you can show the rest of the world, and reap in the respect that goes with it (depending on the skill). A trimmed one is even better stats wise. So for some this would qualify as an arguement to continue on to level 99. But what in the world would compell some people to continue training a skill to the maximum of 200 million XP? This is where the achievement, if you make it that far, becomes truly grand.

you reach the upper XP limit, your rank can no longer increase or decrease. If you are the 1st to 200M RuneCrafting XP, then your name will be on there forever. Or at least as long as the RuneScape highscore caps remain unaltered.

What it seems to come down to is that, as long as there is something left to do, someone is doing it. The game becomes ever larger with new content being added, making it even harder to "do it all" for the newer players, but most of us are keen on exploring every part of the game.

But really, how many of us truly set out to go all the way?

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