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The RuneScape community doesn't know what it wants or needs. People whine and moan about updates frequently. It’s always amusing to rush to Tip.It to see people say "this item, quest, and or update blows!” Occasionally I'll meander to the RSOF. I'm tired of it. This is what I have issues with players on:

New weapons, I see it every time a weapon comes out. “This weapon is for low levels, it isn’t good for pking, I don’t think I will use it!” Seriously, do we need something to outhit a godsword or dragon claws? Do people fail to realize we only have 99 hp? Does Magic need an update? Probably not, I don’t think players will be happy until they can teleport anywhere, anytime, and until they can hit 70+ with one spell. How ironic it is, because magic in RuneScape should be overly weak; a large majority of people ALCH for levels, so it would make sense that the combat magic isn’t super-powerful. Range? It seems one cannot please that crowd. People whined, yet, the power and benefit of crossbows, enchanted bolts, and the power of the dark bow seemed to quickly be forgotten.

With all these high hitting weapons, why not new foods that heal 30-40+ in one click? Why don't we want more updates to skills like Firemaking or Prayer? The player community wants more mini games, but doesn’t give second thought about fixing current, good mini-games like Trouble Brewing.

When you have a large amount of players, you have 3 main groups: players who want life easier, players who think they know it all, and jaded high levels. Some players even merge into more than one group. I myself am one of those players who love things made easier; burn X is high on my wish list. Players who think they know it all--"Trouble Brewing should be removed, Great Orb Project was a failure, no one uses this area, its junk"--can they honestly speak for every player on every world 24/7? Jaded players are fun. They play for reasons they don't understand and think of RuneScape like McDonalds. You swear you will eat something better or at least go elsewhere, but you go back to those golden arches, be it for friends, goals or something new.

People often flame Jagex, saying "They don’t know what they are doing!!!!?@?@." But does the average player have any sort of credentials to honestly call Jagex out? When you have a user base of millions, every update won't cater to you.

You know what I like? The noob quests. I like to do a 20-30 minute quest with a story and feel like I've done something besides grind levels/mini games for the week. Sure it's short, with low requirements, but half the people only whine about the requirements because they want that quest cape they maintain to be rarer so they look more elite. When big quests come out, people often riot: “OMG 50 AGILTY.” It's not a hard skill, go do it, if a quest came out that required all skills to be 70+ or 80+ people would whine like they got candy stolen from them as a child.

In closing, I wish people didn't have to whine about every update. While it may have disappointed you, I’m sure the update pleased someone other than yourself. If this sounds like a rant, that's because it is a rant. People need to stop focusing on what this update meant to me; rather, focus on what this update means to all the players of RuneScape!

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