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When Kingdoms Collapse - Part 2

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The next day, several of the local farmers gathered in one of the fields used for farming grain. The mass of townsfolk and country people from across Runescape crowded each other, stepping on dead stalks of wheat and grain. A jumble of crates had been assembled into a crude platform, and a representative of the Duke of Lumbridge climbed onto the structure and spoke to the crowd.

“Citizens of Lumbridge, we have come together because there is a problem among us. The problem is unrestricted weaponry for all. The King of Varrock and Duke of Lumbridge have suggested that there could be a limit on the amount and kinds of weapons you possess. They beg of you to tell me what are your opinions on this matter. Should we have a limit? If so, what should the restrictions be? If not, then why? You are all free to speak.” There was murmuring among the crowd until Fred the farmer boldly stepped forth.

“I will speak!” he yelled before nearly shoving the servant off the platform. “I have known most of you, if not all of you, for a long time. I grew up with or under many of you, and others I have seen grow up under me. We have all worked together very hard to raise our crops protected from nature and monster. And this man-” Fred pointed at the cringing representative, “ has brought news that those in power intend to take away our rights to protect ourselves!” Shouts, cries, and hurrahs arose from the crowd.

“Aye, I won't give up my sword for no folk!” shouted one citizen.

“Protect our crops and families!” cried another.

“Do we have to even talk about this? Beasts and animals we have to defend ourselves against destroyed this very field you are standing in! Go back to your Duke and tell him we say no!” The representative ran off. As the crowd died down, another shout came out of the ruckus.

“The government doesn't want to protect us, they want to harm us!” More shouts accompanied the cry as similar calls rang out through the field.

“Down with weapon restriction!”

“Don't support your government!”

“I'm not paying taxes anymore!” Several farmers then chased after the fleeing servant of the Duke as the farmers scattered with Fred shouting “Grab your pitchforks, swords, and all manner of weaponry! We'll show those autocrats we won't give up our weapons without a fight! Defend our rights!”

* * *

Two hooded figures dressed in pink watched the commotion in the field from the top floor of the Lumbridge Windmill.

“Do they know it was us that destroyed the field?”

“No, we made it look like an unorganized bunch of goblins. We desecrated the field while reaping most of the grain. Our food raid last night killed two birds with one stone. Our brothers and sisters were pleased.”

“Those farmers sounded very angry. Will this get out of control?”

“I doubt it, but for now our objective has passed. There is no way they will pass that law now. We have done well.” The man started to descend the ladder.

“I don't feel that this will end here. It has benefited our cause, but I'm not sure the best result will come forth,” the woman whispered to herself as she also climbed down.

* * *

The farmers congregated later that evening, just a few hours after the debate turned into unorganized ruckus. They were now armed with weapons of every sort. Swords, shields, lances, maces, bows, and daggers occupied the hands of men both young and old. They stood north of the church, on the east side of the stone bridge that stretched across the River Lum. The mass of angry citizens waited eagerly for another representative from Varrock to tell them they were victorious. As they talked amongst themselves, a man came on horseback, bearing the symbol of Varrock on his chest plate and shield. Several soldiers accompanied him, wielding weapons and protective armor.

“Citizens of Lumbridge! I have come from Varrock on behalf of the king to order-”

“We don't take orders from kings who want to take away our rights!” interrupted one farmer as several others shouted after him.

“Stop! We will halt this nonsense at once! The king has told me to tell y-” This time the man was interrupted by an arrow – right through the man's throat. No one heard him finish the sentence “the proposal has been dropped, it is over...” as the man breathed his last.

“Go tell that to your king!” shouted the owner of the vile arrow as the group cheered and shook their weapons in the air.

The soldiers looked at the dying man stunned, then the boldest one lunged at the farmer nearest to him. “Attack!” Cries of war came from both sides as the farmers deflected the soldier's blows and drove them back across the bridge to the other side.

Some of the other farmers shouted, “Let's show our government what we can do!” Most of the group abandoned the surprised soldiers and went directly to Lumbridge Castle, where the Duke was holed up inside. Many of the farmers attempted to burst through the barricade with their weapons while others threw their torches into the windows of the castle. More guards poured out from the main entrance and guard towers in attempts to subdue the riot.

For nearly six minutes it was chaos. Then the tide turned on the once peaceful tenders of the ground. The Lumbridge Guardsmen, led by Sergeant Abram, turned out to be most effective at defending the castle, and they quickly defeated those trying to penetrate the castle's defenses. The soldiers, after suffering initial losses, regained the bridge and suppressed the men attacking them. Yet fire was the worst weapon, and the guards struggled to contain the flames as they scorched the castle. Torches had also breached the nearby Lumbridge Chapel, and smoke leaked out of shattered stained glass windows. Buckets were called for, but the guards could not effectively put out the fire quick enough.

Father Aereck, who had escaped south of the graveyard, looked up at the burning church, ablaze like the sun setting behind the charring remains of the Lumbridge castle. “Why the church? Why did they burn the church?” he sobbed as Father Urhney comforted him. “What would reduce these men to do such demonic acts like this?” The two men watched the chapel burn and die, as their sense of safety and peace also faded with the expiring flames.

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