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Our Dear Shiva

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This article was written to commemorate our beloved Shiva “Anarith” Kumar, a member of our Tip.It Events Team who passed away last month. We were informed of this tragedy recently.

Castle Wars: It's a game based on skill, strategy, and leadership. Thousands of people are playing this game at a given time. Many people love the game for the feel and excitement of bashing an opponent senseless with a rune sword. Nobody loved the game more than our dear friend, Shiva “Anarith” Kumar.

Shiva loved the game of Castle Wars more than anything in RuneScape. His hard work, dedication, and perseverance to the game rewarded him with the best Castle Wars armour set. Not many people can say they have accomplished that. In fact, not many can say that they were better in that battlefield than Shiva was. Sure, someone has a high skill total, but do they go about it the way Shiva did? Shiva loved to dedicate himself to a certain task, both in game and in real life.

Shiva was born in Tamil Nadu, in southern India. He moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his family at the beginning of the century. Studying engineering at a quaint local college (La Roche College), he was never too busy to talk with someone. Even with his college courses, his favourite pastime was playing the game RuneScape. He always took time out to play it. He was never dull; always upbeat and optimistic. He was the ideal Community member in both the game and in real life.

Many people took the loss of Shiva (affectionately known as Anarith) very hard, including yours truly.

“Life has so many ways of doing things, and you can never be prepared no matter how much so you think you are for things to happen,” Recalls TET Vice-Leader Honest1.”Shiva was a friendly guy, and had a good sense of humour, and he only ever wanted to help others,” he went on to say.

“We were very good friends. He trusted me enough to let me try on his party hats, full Guthan, full dragon, etc,” said Barihawk, Shiva's fellow TET Member and best friend.

But trying out items is not what Shiva was best noted for. Ravinasian was quoted as saying the following, “It is hard to find those who have that heart in real life. It is especially rare to find someone on the internet that has that quality to them.” One could not agree more. People who have heart like Shiva did will be always remembered.

Another thing Shiva loved to do was chat on a program called mIRC. Internet Relay Chat was his favorite, whether it be in the room #stats, or #runescape, he was well liked and respected in both.

Shiva was always a great person with whom to talk. If something was wrong, one could rely on him to be right there, trying to make everything better. One IRC user Deadman Andy says, “I can't recall the day I first talked to Shiva, however I know it was in the Tip.It chat room. Shiva was an active user of the chat room. He always used to bring life to it, and I will miss seeing his name on the user list of the room. I never really interacted with Shiva on RuneScape itself, but I did read much of what he was saying in IRC. He was a great member of the RuneScape community, and he will never be forgotten.”

Cruiser, a very close friend of Shiva's, somberly recollects on his death, “We've lost a good friend and an even better member of our room,” he says. Shiva was always having fun with his fellow #stats users during CW's. We had developed a battle call, something along the lines of “Nyaaaahhhhh.” We had good times then... good times.

Dwelling on the past is always hard to do in a somber moment. Even I myself find it troubling to write this story. Words cannot express how the mood is around the Tip.It community. Some words that could, if they can, would be melancholy and mournful. Tip.It users loved him; #stats users loved him. If you hated this man, you need to check yourself thoroughly. No one should have hated on him. He respected you all. He respected life.

His positive attitude and generosity was not limited to his dear friends, either. He was caring toward people he hardly even knew, even if he had no reason to be that way other than the goodness in his own heart. Oddfaery2, one of our crew members, had this to say about Shiva, “I saw Shiva from time to time in IRC, but we never talked all that much. Whenever he said he was quitting RuneScape, he remembered that I was crafting jewelry to get rid of my gold bars. I never discussed this with him personally, but he took the time to track me down in RuneScape and donate an assortment of gems toward my cause. This gift was never requested, but he was caring enough to make sure I got the gift nonetheless. I can only imagine that if Shiva was this caring with people he hardly knew, he must have been an amazing person to have as a close friend.”

He deserves more than anything that can be written, in my honest opinion. But that is up to you. You can do something for him. Even if it is a word or a sentence, everything can make a difference. Everyone can make a difference.

All this said, i only have these few words left. Repose En Paix, Anarith. Repose En Paix.

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