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Just let me play

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As I was talking with one of my friends recently, he wanted to send a file to me, but the program I was using was too "outdated" for the file transfer. I had the option to upgrade, but I declined. I simply told him, "Basic is better." Why did I prefer something basic over a new flashy product? As I thought about this, I applied this thought to RuneScape as well.

As with any developing game, new methods come out to either speed up experience or enhance the game. Whatever the adjustment is, the game is constantly changing. Let us apply this to one of the most basic skills in Runescape—Firemaking. Click on tinderbox, click on logs, a fire appears, and do this over until you have reached your desired level. As the years passed, and updates to Firemaking took place, the most significant contribution came about through the quest "All Fired Up", with the introduction of a new beacon lighting minigame. This relatively new minigame is certainly diverting from the original tinderbox and logs method, but is this necessarily bad? No. It's what keeps the game moving forward and offering new ways to play.

I looked at this update with a smile on my face, for it finally offered an update to Firemaking. An update, which was highly desired by players. I personally did not delve into this update much. I completed the necessary requirements to finish the quest, but that was the extent of my involvement in this part of the game. I didn't think it was horrible, nor was it a problem to my current training methods - it just was way too much for me. This notion can be applied to all updates: when a new method is released, is it necessarily the way I need to play?

The main argument in relation to training a skill that I have been hearing - to put it simply; 'Speed is always better.' I would argue that this isn't always true. Consider the essence of the game, which is actually playing it. Sure, gaining levels is part of the game, but it isn't the whole game. A game is meant to be entertaining. To some, the entertainment lies in gaining levels and trying to max their stat page. I could care less if I ever gained another level again. When I log into Runescape, I'd rather have fun than being bored while trying to level. So if that means I log in just to utilize the clan chat, go to a TET event, or perhaps play a minigame or two, then so be it.

What is there to gain from having a max total? Bragging rights. What is there to gain from having 200M exp in a skill? Bragging rights. Really then, what is the point? Hearing all these statements about Level 3 pure skillers because they are accused of wanting bragging rights, I wonder how is this not the same as those who want to obtain a max total? So then, how do people go about in obtaining this goal? Well, speed training is the option that is considered by most. But why should someone do something that is boring to them - just to reach a higher level that isn't even worth it in the end? If you consider speed training fun, then do it. If you don't, then don't do it. Play how you want to play, not how others want you to play.

People just need to play this game however they want. I do not have to max out my skills. I do not have to speed train. I am going to do what I think is fun. So just let me play.

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