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Welcome all, an interesting week indeed.

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This being the first article, I would like to welcome anyone and everyone to this new feature. I will endeavour to take you through happy and sad times, through interesting and boring times as RuneScape life goes on. I hope you will follow these articles and benefit in some way.

Several small updates have come to us this week from the Jagex team. One of the most interesting updates brought to us is the return of the Letters page. Anyone caring to reminisce back to the days of the God letters would remember that they were not always the most amusing things to read. Often filled with silly questions and even worse answers, however they did provide some entertainment on the rare occasion. I would suspect the younger audience would have enjoyed them more so – its all a question of taste you see. It shall be very interesting to see how Jagex lives up to their promise of implementing interesting questions in the actual game in the future.

In other news, rumour has it that the Wise Old Man has brashly robbed the Draynor bank and that security cameras caught the whole thing on tape. The Draynor bank guard is said to have all the details of the vile act if you wish to find out more yourself. I wonder what other plots of evil the Wise Old Man has up his sleeve? Check out the Wise Old Mans telescope and read some of his books for clues of what new dastardly deeds he may have in the works. Worth a visit no doubt.

As well, clans and groups will find the new Blast furnace located at Keldagrim an interesting diversion from the normal Trawler Fishing trips or other Mini games offered by Runescape. At least six people are needed to run the process for smelting ores and it will be interesting to see how this is utilised in the long term once all the hype is over. Most would argue, including myself, that although half the coal is required to refine the ores, the time is doubly as long and is more hassle than its worth. Tweaks on the horizon I hope.

Finally, there were some "hidden" updates which Jagex usually fails to mention in a prominent location on their website (Couldnt that be designed MUCH better by the way?). We have Karil being much harder to kill in the Barrows (suspected bug?) and the halving of the XP received from the Crumble Undead magic spell. I know they want some things to remain surprises... Ghostly robes ring a bell... but come on!

Finally, as I finish off and wish you a happy time scaping in the world of RuneScape, rest assured that there will be plenty of ramblings to come from me, about every major and minor thing you can think of. I intend to tackle points of major controversy, major interest and the occasional oddities. And finally, Dont forget that a random special author will pop in every now and again to give me a break.

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