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Major bugs, rare...or are they?

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Ever since the day RuneScape was released, there have been countless numbers of bugs. Although many of these bugs have been minor, RuneScape has had its share of major bugs. Some major bugs, such as the Falador massacre, or the infinite penguin-spotting glitch, were spread around Runescape very quickly, and the majority of the community has at least heard about them. But what about the other major glitches that we haven’t heard about, such as a way to get lent items and RWT heavily via the BH crater, or getting a chance to murder a banker to fully stop banking in that area? Well, today you'll get a chance to hear in-depth about a few of the rare major glitches. Remember, abusing bugs is a serious offence that will likely end with you being permanently banned from RuneScape, so don’t abuse any you might have the chance to.

++ The Attackable NPCs Bug ++

This is a lesser known bug exploited in RSC that allowed you to attack normally unattackable NPCs. Players performed this using the same program later used to discover the Partyhat dupe, [ForbiddenSite]. Using the program, they would add an attack option to unattackable NPCs which they could then use to fight them. Bankers were the most targeted, as more players would see and more attention was gained by the abuser.

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++ Invincibility ++

This bug, discovered in 2008 by a few veteran bug abusers, allowed you to not be attacked by anyone or anything. There were two versions of this glitch, one which allowed you to stay invincible forever, but you couldn't attack anything either. Another version was one that allowed you to be invincible for a certain amount of time, but you could also attack other players.

This bug occurs when you stall the game from logging you out. When you click "log out", you cannot be attacked for a split second, so nothing interferes with your logout. If you stall the game from logging, then you can stay invincible for as long as you want.

++Duel Arena Bug Abuse ++

The Duel Arena was a popular place where bugs were abused to make cash. The first instance of bug abusing in stakes would have to be using smuggled bandages from Castle Wars in no food duels. The game didn't recognize bandages as food; therefore, you could heal yourself.

There was also a bug in no movement duels with the Dragon spear special where you could push your opponent back, and he would not be able to attack you. At this point, you would use a halberd to safely kill him. After that was patched, bug abusers could use the same bug that was used for the Barbarian Assault smuggling glitch. This glitch gave you two partners so that one could use a Dragon spear special on your opponent in a no movement duel, and it'd work the same way as the above bug.

No risk duels were also possible by "forcing" yourself out of the duel when you thought you were going to lose by using the same method used to force yourself out of Barbarian Assault with the smuggled runes. When the Lunar spellbook was released, players could heal others or cast Vengeance on players in the middle of a duel.

++Force(d) Teleports ++

A force teleport (sometimes called ft) is a teleport where effects applied to your character are not taken away. Normally, they are teleports that are designed only to be used in a specific area, such as the teleport from the waiting area in fight pits to the actual minigame itself.

An example of a force teleport is the Duel Arena ft, discovered by the same person that discovered the BA rune smuggling bug. There were a few different ways to do this. One was to throw a gnomeball to a player right as they accepted a no weapon duel. The game would take the player he challenged into the duel arena alone until the "3, 2, 1" ended. He would then be teleported back out. What the bug abuser did was use a gnomeball to get one player to go into the Duel Arena alone, and then quickly have the player who was stopped from entering accept another duel offer. That player would be sent into the duel with two players who could attack him; the player who entered the duel first would not get teleported out like usual as his partner entered the duel with someone else before the "3, 2, 1" ended. He would then leave while the player who was stopped from going into the duel and his new partner stayed in the Duel Arena. He would then go get barricades from Castle Wars, for example, and his partner that stayed behind would leave the duel. He'd be force teleported to the Duel Arena hospital with the barricades, since a force teleport does not take away special items/effects you have.

There have been many force teleports possible that have been used for many bugs, they are one of the most useful tools in bug abusing.

If you want to read more about bugs in Runescape, feel free to express your interest on the thread posted in General Discussions labeled Tip.It Times: 9 August 2009, and I'll be sure to follow up on the subject in a later article.

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