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The Big Adventure

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Quick! Why do you play RuneScape? If you’ve been playing this game long enough, you're bound to run into this question. Some might point to a particular facet of the game, such as puzzles or a “sandbox” style of play. Others might refer to the low system requirements, and the accessibility of the game. Still, others might enjoy RuneScape for it's social aspects.

None of these answers are wrong, but none of them fully answer the question either. When I read a book, see a movie, or listen to music I’m not focused on aesthetic qualities or searching for a powerful message. All I want to be is entertained, and that’s why I play RuneScape. It’s fun! I can praise the selling points to somebody if I think they might be interested, but do I really need to justify why I play?

I feel that sometimes we are not seeing the forest for the trees, and I’d be a hypocrite not to include myself in this category. With all of the forum discussion and blogs written, it can be easy to take this game too seriously. Every time new content is released, players are asking, “What’s in it for me ?” New content will never be good enough when the only thing you are eyeing is the reward at the end. It's impressive how quickly we will dismiss something, deeming it as a waste of time if the rewards aren’t up to snuff.

Maybe that’s why people scratch their head when I tell them what my favorite quest is. No, it’s not the landmark quests like Desert Treasure, Mourning’s End Part II, or Recipe for Disaster, although they were all fine quests. The quest that tops my list is My Arm’s Big Adventure. The rewards, while useful, are not stellar by any means. The quest wasn’t too difficult. There is no earth-shattering revelation about the gods of Gielinor. Then why do I like this quest so much? Because it was fun and unpredictable.

You won’t uncover a secret plot to destroy the universe or enslave the entire populace of Gielinor. If you're truly in it for the fun of it, then what you will uncover is a good time. While some quests sprinkle the occasional comedic relief in their storyline, My Arm’s Big Adventure is ripe with laughter. There is a troll, and he needs your help, but he doesn’t send you away on an errand. No, this is his big adventure, and you are merely along for the ride.

That’s all what I want out of RuneScape. It gives me a chance to enjoy the game for what it is: a form of entertainment. The reward was still unknown when I did this quest, but by the time I finished I didn’t even care. I had such a good time playing that the rewards were just icing on the cake. In terms of replay value, My Arm’s Big Adventure is one quest I wish I could experience again.

Next time you are online, think about why you play RuneScape. Rewards are nice to receive, but you shouldn’t have to suffer to get them. Besides, in this game, the rewards have a shelf life. What may be prized today will inevitably end up as tomorrow’s junk. Whenever I see My Arm, I think about our crazy adventure together and smile. That’s why I play RuneScape, and that’s why I embark on quests. I’m looking for some fun, and a virtual adventure.

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