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The Underlying Reward

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With the release of a new quest, not even ten minutes can pass without discussion about the reward. No one has completed the quest yet, but the talks have already started in speculation of what the new reward will be. Out of all the things a new quest can provide, the reward is the most sought out update in the end.

In a recent poll, 52% voted that the reward is what one looks forward to most in a quest. This is followed up by 23% voting for new areas and features. I consider the second option to be the same as that of the reward. For example, once you complete Priest in Peril quest, you have access to a whole new continent at your finger tips, known as Mortyania. New quests, areas, items, and adventures are all waiting on the other side of the river. While these things are not specifically listed in the reward page of that quest, it should still rightfully be included as an understood reward. Without completing the quest, you would not have unlocked these features; therefore, it is 'rewarded' to you in completion. So adding these two categories together, you get 75% of the vote, exactly three-fourths of the almost 12,000 who voted. This means that the reward needs to be of a standard to that which can please the mass who quest, or else we are looking for the wrong thing.

The problem with a quest reward is that it is either shunned for being too 'low-leveled', or praised for since it introduces something great that will be used again. This shouldn't happen. Why can't we accept a reward as is? Why does the reward have to be incredible in respect with the time taken to complete the quest? Because people don't want to waste time. Time is such a huge factor to the player, but it shouldn't. Just enjoy something for face value. Just because a quest is 'easy' and has a 'low-leveled' reward doesn't mean it should be skipped entirely. Developers who worked on it did so because they wanted to work on a storyline, or more importantly have fun and entertain the audience. Quests are meant to be fun and rewards should just be a stipulation, not the reason to complete the quest. That isn't to say that the quest reward isn't important either. It is what propels the game forward.

Looking at some past quest rewards, the resume is outstanding! Take out quest rewards and you lose: (Not all, just used as reference)

  • Areas: (Mortyania, Frem. Isles, Tirannwn, Fishing Colony, etc.)
  • Items: (Barrows Armor, Slayer Helmet, Dragon Claws, Ancient Magicks, Rune Platebody, etc.)
  • Mini Games: (Kingdom Managing, Penguin Hide and Seek, Pyramid Plunder, etc.)
  • Monster Hunting: (Tormented Demons, Corporeal Beast, God Wars Dungeon)
  • Skills: (Herblore, Summoning, Runecrafting)

You may be wondering why some of these items are on this list. I consider these items quest rewards, for they are unlocked in areas that need a quest completed, so things like Barrows Armor are included. If no one had ever completed the quest required to go into that area, the armor wouldn't have been obtainable. Alas, it isn't a specific quest reward; it is what I like to call an underlying quest reward.

These underlying quest rewards are the most important rewards available to adventurers. With the release of new items and mini games in areas only accessible by a completed quest, these quests now become some of the most important quests released. Without these quests being released and completed, we would be stuck using the same equipment over and over again, with little chance of a new item being released readily to the whole population. So even though a certain reward may not be in the specific quest reward screen, quests are to thank for a majority of the game that people enjoy. The next time you say you hate quests, think about what you are wearing or where you are at. Quests could be to thank for it.

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