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When Kingdoms Collapse -- Part 4: The Knights' Task

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Noon, three months before the tragic burning of the Lumbridge Chapel

The frustrated knight slammed the door before descending the ladder of the monastery.

“I've told you time and time again, we are not interested in violence! This is a place of peace!” Brother Jered shouted through the door at the leaving warrior.

“Hmph,” the knight grunted. “He says he is a Saradominist, yet he does nothing to help our lord's cause!”

“Can I help you, sir?” interjected Abbot Langley.

“I doubt it. Your brother Jered did not wish to help me, and I doubt you Father Abbot, would wish to assist me either.”

“What do you need sir?” asked the abbot.

“Father, I am a Temple Knight from Falador. I am part of an elite group of knights working to advance Saradomin's noble cause and increase the reach of his hand over Gielinor.”

“Through what means?”

“We believe the security of Asgarnia is a first step, which we can usually accomplish with the White Knights of Falador, and with our own special forces if needed in unique circumstances. Yet, we believe we need to reach beyond Asgarnia, and that is what we wish to do. Yet we are running into problems.”

“What sort of problems? I doubt they are something a humble monk like myself could greatly influence and bring a solution, but continue. I am intrigued by your goal.”

“Well, we wanted to post some white knights here near your monastery. King Roald thought about the idea, yet displayed an negative opinion about the stationing of troops here because this is monastery is very close to the border of Misthalin. He did not want us infringing on his territory, and neither did we want to engage in such an act at this point. Also, your brother thought the idea was absurd. He did not want the peace disturbed, despite the fact that there is a known location of the black knights only yards away from your humble monastery.”

“So what do you need at this point?”

“Father, what we need at this point is leverage on King Roald. He does not have the strongest will, but he does not bend to our persuasions like we want him to. We also will need, in the future, a way to station White Knights or other troops – either discretely or in-discretely – around your monastery to monitor the Wilderness to the north and that horrible shack full of those Zamorakian Black Knight dogs.”

“I can see how King Roald objected to this, it does sound like your pushing the limits on the border of our kingdom.”

“It is not that, I swear to you. This is for the good of our god Saradomin, not for the political advantage of Falador. We need to convince Roald of that.”

“I see, yet the turmoil in Asgarnia's political system could lead me to assume otherwise.” “Asgarnia is as politically sound as any other kingdom on Gielinor. Can't you see? This would benefit all kingdoms should there ever be an uprising of Zamorakians. We need to convince Roald to comply, should there ever be an attack from either the foul Wilderness, or those cursed lands in the east. We need to be ready, and by we I mean Saradominists everywhere.”

“I understand,” reassured Abbot Langley. “I cannot help you with you your security issue, but I do know how we can help with your concern over Roald. I know very well the monk who currently resides within Varrock's castle and takes care of the religious affairs there. Who shall I refer him to?”

“Tell him to make contact and meet with Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador's park as soon as he can.”

“I will. Saradomin bless you.”

“And Saradomin bless you too Father.”

The two men ended their convergence and parted ways.

* * *

A few days later, King Roald strolled into the small chapel inside his own castle and greeted the new monk warmly.

“Greetings Aeonisig!” The king shook the monk's hand and patted him on the back. “I'm so glad you could come so soon. Brother Kyle fell ill so quickly, I thought we would not have a replacement for weeks!”

“Thank you your Majesty, I am humbled to be here.” replied Aeonisig.

“They told me you were an excellent choice to be positioned here. They say you are humble, hard working, and quite a wise monk.”

“You flatter me your majesty, but yes this is true. I do spend quite some time, in addition to my duties and prayer, studying from scrolls I have collected. I could help you with some of the straining decision making you have to do every day, if you need any help or advice. It is my hope that my influence and service will stretch beyond this small chapel.”

“Thank you for the offer Aeonisig. For now, I will leave you to your duties and to submit yourself in prayer.”

“Thank you, your majesty,” responded Aeonisig. The king then left the chapel to attend to other business. Alone, Aeonisig spoke softly to himself. “Step one is complete. This man shall be like a parrot when I'm through with him, though he almost is already! He repeated that comment we gave him word for word. Varrock will be ours within months.”

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