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Major bugs, rare...or are they? - Part 2

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Ever since RuneScape's beginning there have been bugs. The majority of these bugs have been graphical and fixed on Jagex's schedule due to the miniscule advantages the bugs gave. However, RuneScape has had its' fair share of major bugs. There are the popular ones like the PvP earned potential glitch and then there are the ones that were patched secretly such as the first noclip glitch. Today I'll touch base on some of these bugs. Some of these you may have heard of but you might not have insight into the story behind them. Remember that abusing bugs is a serious offence and will most likely end with you being permanently banned from Runescape; so don't abuse any you might encounter.

The Knife Glitch

The knife glitch which was discovered in 2002, and was one of RuneScape's first well-known major bugs. It allowed players to wield regular knives, not normally wieldable, resulting in a very high strength and attack bonus. This was done by filling your inventory with knives while wielding a weapon and then dropping the weapon while walking. This would cause your character to wield a knife, which added on to your weapon's strength. Someone with 10 strength performing this glitch could hit well over 20. After the patch, players in the wild with knives equipped would instantly die upon logging in; players with them wielded anywhere else would simply have them unequipped.

Click to see a Screenshot
of the Knife Glitch from RSC

The Glory Dupe

The glory dupe or duplication, one of the serious bugs that came from the release of the Construction skill, was discovered on June 4th 2006 by a user called Tainted Ones. For this glitch to work you simply snuck out of your POH with building mode on (meaning when you clicked on the house options tab it would say building mode is on outside of your POH) and then go into someone else's house. You would be able to remove anything from their house and considering it wasn't your house, the item would not disappear from the wall. Thus, you could remove any item repeatedly from the wall - resulting in a dupe. The most notable item duped was the amulet of glory; other items such as Castle Wars armour were also duped. Tens of thousands of glories were duped by Tainted Ones turning him into a billionaire and causing the prices of glories to go from 100k to 50k in a matter of weeks (they have not recovered since). The bug was eventually patched 3 weeks after the initial discovery and Tainted Ones was banned.

Click to see a Screenshot
of the Glory Dupe
Click to see a Screenshot
of the Castle Wars Armour Dupe

The First Noclip Glitch

July 2008 marked the beginning of one of the first bugs that allowed you to go through barriers in the game; this is known as noclipping. It abused a flaw in the Fishing Trawlers minigame that allowed you to teleport ~120 spaces east or west outside the game. Normally trawler teleports you 120 spaces east or west whenever the boat fills with water or empties. This bug let you teleport 120 spaces outside of the minigame, allowing you to do many things. The most popular places that the bug abusers went to were inaccessible areas such as Prifddinas, Tutorial Island after finishing it, the Legends Guild without even starting the quest, and inside barriers such as the Taverly wall. The three main bug abusers did it for around two months without leaking it to anyone. Then in September a couple of players found out about it and abused it for another two months before leaking it in November. The bug lasted until November 11th - the date which Jagex patched it.

This concludes today's bug abuse article. More will be coming down the line. If you have any bugs you wish to know more about, that I haven’t covered, feel free to post or PM me and maybe I can explain them in my next article. I'd like to thank my friend, who wishes to remain unnamed (no it's not Tainted Ones), for supplying the pictures used in this article.

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