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Everyone Just Wants to be Loved

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Think back to your early days in RuneScape, whether that is all the way back to RuneScape Classic, or it’s back to when all of the autoers were miners instead of mages. Try to think back to those days. Back when everything was a new place, a new adventure, and every achievement felt like the beginning of a new day. Every time you’d level up you’d pm all of your friends, screaming “OMG!!! 15 Mining!!!” and they’d all pm back to you “Gratz dude!”, and all would be right with the world. That one sentence, that one feeling is what the rest of this article will be about.

There is a great variation to the ways which people show that they have achieved a level. One of the methods I mentioned above, which is pm-ing all of your friends. Then another method is the famous level-up party, but I’m going to skip talking about all methods except for the one that would probably be considered the most common (at least the most common in clan chats) nowadays. The method I’m talking about is the quick-chat method, where you use quick-chat to say your level in a skill just before you level up, and then you use it just after you level up. This has become very common for two main reasons: the first reason is that it’s very simple and easy to use, and the second reason is that you can’t lie with it. When people use quick-chat in this manner, a bubble appears next to their name which has the purpose of giving quick-chat replies, but this bubble has the second function of saying that the game, not the person, is making the sentence, and so therefore it cannot be false.

Now, this bubble is all nice and fine and dandy, with one exception. When somebody says what level they are, one of the quick-chat responses is to reply back to them with your own level. This doesn’t sound like that great of a problem until you see somebody who happens to be around level 50-60 in a skill announce their imminent level-up via the quick-chat method in a busy clan chat. They know that they still have quite a while, and quite a bit of work to go until they are considered a high level, but even so they can’t help but feel proud over all the work that they’ve put into getting this level. So they go into quick-chat, choose skills, and then go into the skill they’re about to level up in, and click on “My [Skill] level is [Level].” Then they frantically work on the skill until the level-up, and then proudly push F11, reposting the same quick-chat command as they just did, hoping to see even a little bit of praise … and many times it doesn’t come. The other people in the chat see him put up his pre-level-up, think “I’m a higher level than him, this is a chance to show off my awesome skillage”, and so they click on that little bubble, and choose the option “My [Skill] level is [Level].” You get person after person doing this, and with each time this option is chosen, each person who does this, a bit of the level-upper’s glory, and bit of his pride, is robbed from him.

So we now have reached the main point, the purpose of this article. And so I plead, I beg of you, if you are the person who previously partook in this action, this theft, please stop. It doesn’t make you look any better, and just because you are a higher level doesn’t give you the right to do this to others. If you were one of the people who didn’t do this, who didn’t give in as you saw person after person say their own levels, I thank you. If you were one of the few who would give that person a "gratz", give them a bit of pride, well then, I salute you.

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