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Are we taking the right approach?

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Over the past few months most of us have been crying for Jagex to do something with trickers and price manipulating clans. Nonetheless we will also whine when Jagex does something such as deliberately changing the price of an item in order to counter some negative effect. So what is it? Do you want Jagex to intervene or not? There really isn't a middle ground on this subject because everyone's view on what is enough intervention and what isn't varies for everyone. So are we really taking the right approach by sitting down and typing out long complaints with the same overall purpose of intervention? Or should we actually take a proactive approach towards the issue?

There are advantages to both of these methods one of course being that if we just complain and rant we don't have to take time from our precious skilling! Another advantage would be that it is easier and less committing to type something up and have people agree/disagree with it while you wait for a Jagex mod to see it (HA! Gl with that). Some of you are saying "amg well da Jagex r gud and dey do the right thing cuz dey is purrfect!". Well James Otis said the same thing about the British government in the years before the revolution and guess what, they weren't perfect nor is anyone else. So obviously Jagex messed up somewhere; but if you were a multimillion-dollar company are you going to say your solution to the removal of free trade and pking is flawed? Of course not! That requires much more work for you and you could be spending this time making buggy updates duh....! It took John Adams eleven years after James Otis pointing out something was wrong to realize that the British ruling system was broken; so the issue of whether the GE and PvP systems are broken is not something Jagex can decide overnight--even though everyone in Runescape thinks they are best at everything at Jagex and thinks they can make that decision. It took James Madison another 22 years to figure out how to fix the system in Federalist paper number 10. So the GE and PvP systems are not something Jagex can fix in the matter of months. So it's obviously not a viable option for us to demand that. Of course I'm comparing establishing a brand new type of government with a game's economic system; however, the basic premise of the situations are the same. It still takes a long time to realize something is wrong, admit it, and then decide how to fix it even if this is a game. So if we can't expect a fix to the system in a reasonable amount of time, what can we do?

One thing we can do is get off our grinding butts and do something about it? But oh no we can't waste that two hours to go and be active in a cause or something we believe in. For those of you who do take a proactive approach on those types of things you might be wondering what you can do. Well if you dislike the 76kers you can always go and harass EPers and heck you might even kill a few for some good drops. Of course to avoid boredom you can get a group of friends together and make it a team effort to harass them in various parts of the wild; with cheap gear of course. There is something proactive you can do for almost any "bad" aspect of the game. Hate skiller killers? Get a group with the same ambition together and let a few people skill while you sit there and protect them, while switching out from skilling to protecting from time to time. Well some of you loathe and I mean loathe price manipulators and are wondering what you can do to help the situation. You could always skill in the GE and type out stuff like "Don't use [insert cc name] they are only out to scam you and take your money"...Of course you should type this periodically and be sure not to spam or autotype as you would just be stooping to their level. If you are a wealthier player with connections you could always go into some of the newer price manipulation clans, buy their item, and then dump for the same price the next day while causing them to massively fail and lose support. This option is however a bit more aggressive and does hurt a few naive players in the process but, you can't do everything to good way 100% of the time and this method really drives the point home. Some of you are thinking...well this really isn't worth my valuable time while playing Runescape and for some of you it's not because you don't play as much as some do. However for those of you who are too lazy to do this, no matter how hard you rant about these problems you really aren't that into the cause even though you claim you are.

In the end it's going to take a mass player action to bring to light the flaws in the game. Jagex has just alienated it’s users and won't do anything with it until it starts to be a cause for RWT or the game is in jeopardy. I know some of you are thinking "OH MY GOD! Another god [Hover] article about price manipulation and trickers!", well it's not. I simply used these as examples because they are in fact the best examples to emphasize my point. So is the right thing making rants which Jagex claims they read and in fact encourages? Or have we been doing it all wrong and is making something like a riot the only way to grab Jagexs' attention to the issue? Drastic measures are not needed to address the majority of the issues in Runescape, however for some that Jagex has already made a response to it might be needed to shift their point. All in all, are we taking the right approach?

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