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Issue 199gp

The Not-So-New God in Town

Written by and edited by Tip.It

Oh my! You quest-seekers have woken up yet another god! Apparently he wants to make himself known. Just last night this letter magically appeared in my inventory. Enjoy!

I awoke this week to find several of you had found an entrance to my Digsite rift, looking for this “lost” child Tolna. Little did you know this child was not lost. He came upon me, a god whose name would make you bleed pure concentrated drops of terror if you even muttered it aloud, over 25 years ago.

Astonished, bewildered, and amazed would describe Tolna's initial reaction to discovering me. Never before was such power found in the world of RuneScape. These “gods” Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix are no match for what Tolna had discovered. Even Zaros knows better than to cross me, even when your “gods” feared him.

Tired of living the life of the simpleton Varrockian, Tolna made his living in my hidden underground cave. He studied my teachings in hopes of having power that no other mortal could ever fathom to embrace. In time, studying was not enough for Tolna. He needed more and more knowledge. He needed the power that only I could give him.

Tolna started luring animals into my cave, in attempts to practice what he had learned on his own. He knew if he wanted to truly be my follower, he would have to show his worth and dedication. He practiced spells on them extensively, until finally he was able to turn these creatures into their “Angry” forms.

Only in anger can one master his full potential. These animals were now gods among their kind. Filled with my power, they would be capable of wreaking havoc upon the lands of RuneScape, if it were my will. Luckily for all those in Misthalin, I have had no desire to do so. For if it was my will, I could wipe out every creature living there in just the blink of an eye.

Tolna, having showed his worth, was granted direct lessons from me. When I demonstrated my power to him, he thirsted for whatever I was willing to pass on to him. I taught him how to smith weapons to control the Angry animals, not only so that he could be my right hand man, but also so that he could offer his sacrifices to me. Even the greatest smiths in all of RuneScape could never dream of conjuring a weapon this powerful. The hits you think you accomplished in Tolna's illusion don't even compare to what you would hit if you could truly possess my might.

Tolna grew strong over the years, perhaps even more powerful than those who you mortals call “gods.” His thirst for power could not be quenched. He delved deeper and deeper into worshipping me, and possessing my power. Finally his feeble mortal mind snapped. Perhaps his former teachings of Saradomin caused so much internal turmoil that the contradiction was too strong to handle, or perhaps a mortal such as he was not yet ready to handle the power I have to offer.

Tolna's shattered mind pushed my teachings out of memory. My power fled his body in such a rush that it ripped a hole through the ground. His altered mind, still battling the power he now held, created illusions so illustrative that they even impressed me. Adventurers, such as yourself, spent hours attempting to find Tolna in my lair, while the whole time he was only feet in front of you, in plain sight. If only you could have seen yourself from my eyes.

You may have “freed” Tolna from my lair, but little do you know what you have brought upon RuneScape. Thousands of adventurers have now found me. Soon your old followers of Zamorak will cling to me, seeking the power that he could only dream to give his followers… power that I can give them. If you thought Ancient Majicks were powerful… you just wait. Soon, you will either learn my power, or learn of my power, and your life will never be the same again.

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