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Unnoticed Updates

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Okay, so here’s the problem; most people see the new updates from Jagex and the crew and only think of it if it addresses their needs and wants within the game. The problem with this assumption is the fact that yes indeed it does affect their playing, such as a recent update that went mostly unrecognised by the general public of RuneScape, the decorative swords and armour were added into the attack/defence menus under the special or equipment tab. Although this seems like a small addition it can show that the decorative items are in fact useful.

I also noticed that while there is generally an uproar for basically any graphical or in-game update, within probably a week of using these updates people have withdrawn previous statements about these updates. This is why I do not think Jagex receives its due credit for all it does within the game. Any people that read Q&A would see that any minor update includes hundreds, if not thousands of runescript to be updated. The general users of RuneScape generally think that these minor updates are simple and can be carried out by anyone. We have the cream of the crop chosen by heads of the company themselves to change the game in light of what they think players need, and because most, if not all of the Jagex staff play, they know what updates would be suitable simply to make RuneScape a more enjoyable game for everyone. Even the different languages to play in are helpful to people that don’t need it: you can learn another language simply by playing which is a great skill to have.

If you don’t share these views pointed out, I really do not mind. It’s your choice on how you play the game, but before you go onto a rants page and decide to support, or create your own thread about some part of the game you personally don’t enjoy, think about the fact that there is a huge amount of time spent making these areas and updating things so that your experience is varied and diverse. Think about the fact that almost every other RPG or MMORPG needs you to choose one definite class, or possibly no choice at all. This means whatever decision you make at the start of the game will affect the rest of your playing experience. Take The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for example. Although it is a beautiful game that has almost no end whatsoever, at the beginning you choose your class and that is what you stay with for the rest of the game. I don’t know about any other players, but I find that when I’m feeling different ways or want to change things up a bit, RuneScape always has another activity, skill or quest for me to go to. These can then change those things I started to do at the beginning. It can unlock new areas to train, new things to train on or make, and finally I can use certain rewards to make the first activity I did a whole lot more enjoyable, such as penguin hunting gives more experience, and so it gets me to my goal a lot quicker; whether it be for another quest to start or just so that I can make or create new things that will help me in the long run.

At the end, it is truly your choice on how you wish to take each update in Runescape, but just make sure you remember how hard all the staff at Jagex are working for your entertainment.

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