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Nightmare at the Editorial Panel - Part 2

Written by and edited by Tip.It

'G-guys? What's happening to me?' A shocked Deathmath asked, his eyes were pitch black and his skin a sickly green, it looked like it was falling off his bones. His eyes started to bleed as the seconds ticked away. An evil gaze appeared on his face, followed by a growling sound.

'Guys, I think it's smart to get out of here as soon as possible.' Stormveritas said with nervous voice.

But it was too late, a completely brainwashed Deathmath stared at Storm for a split second before deciding to attack, attempting to rip him apart.


Storm screamed as Deathmath was biting into his neck.

Mirrorforced, Mdeoxys and Adrenal quickly stabbed their swords into the body of Deathmath who clearly didn't like it. Jumping off the lifeless body of Stormveritas , he was ready to attack another member of the team, Forsakenmage quickly grabbed her bow and Let loose one of her magic arrows finding his mark right between Deathmath's eyes. With a last loud scream he felt down on the ground. For a few second the team stood there, overwhelmed by what just happened.

'We should get out of here right now!' Mirrorforced said with a sore voice.'There is no way that no-one heard Deathmath's scream'.

As everyone walked outside the house they stepped into a world which was in total chaos, houses burned with flames that looked like they were made by the devil himself, Zombies were chasing citizens and smoke was rising from different parts of the city.

'Great, now what?' Ts Stormrage said while he looked around.

'We should go to the Varrock palace, Let's hope the guards there can offer us some protection.' Jp said.

'How are we supposed to get there alive with all those zombies running around?' Racheya asked them.

'The only way is to kill everything on our path.' L0rd said with a brave voice 'We don't really have a choice. Well... they are zombies so technically They're already dead.'

'Now is not the time to make such stupid jokes, Jp.' Racheya snapped, with a disapproving glance on her face.

'All right, this is it team! Lets move out!' Mirrorforced shouted. As soon as the team started to run to the Varrock castle a dozen of zombies noticed their movements and decided to chase after them. These zombies were not the average kind, the virus had somehow given them unusual abilities.

'They're right behind us!' Psycho_Robot screamed, 'Quick, save yourself, I'm not going to make it!'

'No, we wont leave you here Psycho!' But it was too late, one of the zombies leaped onto his leg, making Psycho fall down. The rest of the zombies surged, attacking, eating him alive. Adrenal just stood there, watching the horror.

'You want to die too Adrenal?' N_odie screamed at him, 'Come on we have to go!'

October 31st, 2009 5.00 pm

When the team arrived at the castle, a battlefield is what they saw. Dozens of dead bodies lying on the ground, guards, zombies, citizens, even the General store owner wasn't spared.

'Quick, into the castle.' Mirror ordered them, but the doors were closed.

'Let us in!' Mirror yelled while he was knocking on the door, but no response. And again 'Let us in!'. Still no response.

'Leave it mirror,' Mdeoxys said, 'It's useless, no one is there'.

'No! They have to open this door, it's our only chance to survive!' a desperate Mirror said. He started to cry as he sat down on the cold floor. 'They killed them' He sniffed 'W-why is this h-happening to us?'

Forsakenmage walked over and stood beside him, 'It's all going to be fine, we'll survive this' She said with a soft voice.

'I think we have a problem guys.' Master_smither said with a panicked voice. Hundreds of zombies surrounded the team, all bloodthirsty and ready to kill. One of the zombies jumped to the group but a blue light beam somehow blew up the zombie. The black blood from him splashed over team. The befuddled members of the team looked around to see what had caused the light beam, BAM! another zombie was hit by the blue beam, but this time it was followed by a bright white light that blinded the team. They heard several other zombies screaming before the world faded away in front of their eyes.

November 1st, 2009 1.00 am

'Argh, my head. What happened? Where am I?'

'Have no fear, my friend. I saved you and your team from those zombies.' A mysterious voice said.

'What's going on?' Mirror replied, 'I can't see, what did you do to me?'

'That's just the spell, it will go away in a few seconds.' The voice spoke again. A large man, fully dressed in blue with white robes stood in front of Mirror, his beard was as long as Mirror's sword and his big pointy hat was cheerfully flapping from the right to the left.

'You're the head wizard of the wizard tower' Mirror said totally amazed.

'I am?' The wizard said with a friendly voice 'Oh yes, you're right my good observing friend, but you can call me Distentor.

'Listen son,' Distentor took a little pause before he continued. 'I'm really sorry to tell you this. But I was only able to save 5 of you.'

Shocked by the news Mirror looked around him, to see only 4 other members of the team. Besides him, only Racheya, Jp, N_odie and Ts_Stormrage had survived.

'W-what happened to the rest of them?' Mirror asked.

'They got caught and transformed in zombies.' The Wizard replied with a sad voice. Mirror felt down on his knees by this news.

'My whole Editorial team got ripped apart... This can't be happening! It's impossible.'

'Mirror? is that you?' Racheya asked, her voice sounding confused. 'I can't see, what's happening?'

'It's ok Rach, you'll be able to see very soon'.

As the other members were gaining their sight as well, they all gathered around Wizard Distentor.

'Tell me Mr. Distentor, I have a feeling that you may know more about this whole situation.' Storm asked him.

'Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not sure what's happening at all. All I know is that in one day, dozens of zombies broke out of the dark wizard tower.'

'The dark Wizard tower huh?'

'Yes, I don't know how those zombies got there, but I do know that it all went wrong. Some people say that it was a failed experiment.'

'But there is a way that we can stop these zombies?' Jp asked.

'No, I don't think there is.' Distentor replied. 'The only way to do so, is to kill every single one of them.'

'Then that's what we're going to do. To take revenge for those who died.' Mirror said.

'But how? We don't have any armour or good weapons to fight them, everything is in the bank.' Racheya said.

'Distentor, where is the closest bank here?'

'That would be the Varrock west bank.' he replied.

'Good, we'll go there when the sun starts to rise. Let's show those zombies what we're made of!'.

November 1st, 2009 11.00 am ~ Varrock west bank.

'I think we're safe now, we've locked all the doors. There is no way they can come in here!'

A big bang sounded from the most northern door, followed by a loud, shrill scream.

'They're here!' N_odie screamed. 'Lets get out of here before they get in.'

'No.' Mirror replied firmly. 'We've been running long enough, it's time we fight! Quick everyone, grab your weapons from the bank.'

A big plank dropped down from the roof, as Storm looked up to see that a zombie was nearly upon him They managed to make a hole in the ceiling by biting off all the wood. Storm quickly tried to grab his sword but it was too late, another zombie jumped on him while the other was biting into his neck.

'NOOOO! Storm!' Racheya screamed.

The doors of the bank broke down and dozens of zombies invaded the bank, nobody from the team managed to hold of the zombies for more than a few seconds, Even the Head of the Wizards Tower got killed by the zombies.

It was a dark day in the history of RuneScape, with only a handful of people managing to keep themselves alive. But for how long?

Happy Halloween!

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