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In advance, I would like to apologize for the delay in this week's article. A real life emergency prevented my submitting it on Friday.

This week was quite possibly one of the most exciting weeks in RuneScape history, at least for those of us who participated in the Tip.It Events Team's drop party, a multimillion extravaganza! That's not the only thing making last week so great though! Even Jagex is making efforts to make the game more enjoyable!

As you probably already know, the Tip.It Events Team held a “slave auction” in which volunteers such as Trixstar, oddfaery2, and Leesters offered hours of their time in order to raise money for one of the biggest drop parties ever held. Over 30 to 40 million GP worth of items was dropped on Saturday, April 08.

Attendees walked away with countless sets of rune, god armor, amulets, logs, lobsters, and GP. It was great fun for both those dropping the items and those acquiring them. Even some who did not win any items had a great time, if they were not there expecting to get rich.

The real winners, though, were the people paying for the drop party. As you may have read, several of these winners made millions off their use of their slaves' time. Leesters, while a slave himself, had a winning bid of 4.1 million GP for oddfaery2's time. He used oddfaery2 to attempt a Dagannoth King killing spree. While Leesters got no items himself during this journey, oddfaery2 earned him a Dragon Axe. After the slave time was over though, Leesters wanted to make repeated voyages, splitting the drops as usual, claiming that killing Dagannoth Kings is now what he finds most fun in RuneScape. Leesters has made well over 10 million GP in items at the Dagannoth Kings, as a result of going with oddfaery2.

Probably the luckiest bidder was n64jive, who paid 7 million GP in order to kill the Kalphite Queen with Leesters. In the allotted time, Leesters and n64jive ransacked the Kalphite Queen, slaughtered her, and stole her highly valued Dragon Chainbody. It is safe to say that n64jive is very happy with his contribution to the Tip.It Events Team.

Trixstar and Trojann2, other slaves in the auction, were sent to the Barrows in hunt of the strongest armor in the game. They managed to pull out three pieces of armor, as well as a vast assortment of runes, in their volunteer time. Trixstar was also kind enough to donate a full set of Enchanted Robes and an Orange Boater to his master.

Riches and slaves were not the only thing going so wonderfully this last week in RuneScape. Jagex also did some pretty wonderful things for its players this week.

For those of you who do quests or explore new areas on the first day they are released, you may remember the experience you had a year ago when Ali Morrisane needed your help in Pollnivneach. For those of you who do not remember, or are not this sort of person, when this area first came out, one would find dozens of players waiting for Shantay to restock his Shantay Passes. At the time, only a handful were stocked at a given time, but dozens of players would be waiting at the shop for their first opportunity to buy one.

Jagex quickly assessed the problem, and not only raised the default stock to 500 Shantay Passes, but also introduced a “buy pass” option for Shantay that will let you buy a pass even if the shop appears to be empty.

You may be asking yourself why I bring this up today; because Jagex, with this most recent quest, has kept the same problem from happening again this week. In the quest Rag and Bone Man, players must kill an assortment of creatures and bring the bones to the Odd Old Man. In anticipation of high quantities of players killing these creatures, Jagex changed these creatures' respawn times, making them respawn instantly.

Players may not have thought much of this, and if they did, may not have realized how great a favor this was for us. Could you just imagine how annoying it would be to do this quest on the first day, with handfuls of people waiting to attack the next creature that spawns? Aside from the effort they made to make our questing experience more enjoyable, they also quickly fixed the bug with the follow-up quest with Basilisks.

I guess in summary, this was just a reflection of how great this week was for us Tip.It users. Between the awesome experiences of being a slave, owning a slave, dropping millions worth of items, picking up millions worth of items, and Jagex ensuring a great time doing quests, what's not to be ecstatic about?

Do you have any thoughts or comments about what you've just read? Want to discuss this article with your fellow Runescapers? We invite you to discuss the article in this forum topic.

Do you have any thoughts or comments about this week's articles? Want to discuss these articles with your fellow RuneScapers? We invite you to discuss them in this forum topic.


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