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You get what you pay for

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With the recent 're-release' of Runescape Classic, many people took this chance to experience what most have not had the opportunity to see. They logged into a world where their beloved game, RuneScape is in an earlier state of graphics. People wanted to see where Runescape came from and visit all their favorite spots, essentially experiencing the game in a new way. But things aren't always as they seem and shouldn't be taken at face value.

The biggest argument for bringing back Classic was so that people could play the game. What other argument could there be? A lot of these voices were from those that have already played this early version and wanted to experience it again. I'd argue that the game that they will go back to isn't the same. They logged in and took a sigh of breath as they were back, but they weren't. Sure the graphics are all there but it is not what they wanted back. At best it is a skin deep, and purely superficial layer. These players wanted to relive those moments that they claim to be their own, their best and nothing can come close. Those are nothing but memories now. The game is constantly progressing to a future that is different with every passing update. The game you played a week ago is not the same as it is right now. So if you come to the game expecting what you remember, it won't be there. That's just the type of game that Runescape is.

Another group of players who wanted Classic back were those that wanted to experience it for the first time. These players are in a sense both 'deserving' and 'undeserving'. They are deserving of playing this game in the sense that they have never been given the chance to play. Personally, I don't see any reason why Classic had to be closed the first time. People could just come and go as they pleased, not affecting their Runescape 2 account and vice versa. They are also undeserving of playing this game because it's just an older version of the game. It's no different than Runescape pre-HD and Runescape HD. The graphics are different, that's all. We don't deserve to play a certain version of the game, it's just a gift that is given to us to play.

With the re-release, a two week window was given to players. Hold on, let me stop myself. A two week window was given to members to play this game. As a free player of the game, I would have enjoyed to participate in Classic once again. Once I found out that it was only available to members, I was irked and my interest subsided. Same thing happened with the Adventurer's Log. Honestly, it gives no sort of advantage for this feature, so why should it be separated? The only reason I could come up with is the price to pay for the servers being hosted. If that is the only reason it was left to members, then so be it, but if it was just decided against it and leave it as an incentive for players to purchase membership for this short two week window, then I am not pleased. But it is their game and they can choose what to do with it.

In conclusion, Runescape Classic has been re-released for a short period to provide members the opportunity to play it once more. Go ahead, if you're a member, log in. It wouldn't hurt to log in if you ever have the want to play Classic sometime in the future. If you are a free player and wish to play, sign up for membership and go play. There is nothing stopping you, except you have to log in by the 24th, so time is short. Just don't log in expecting something. Whether it’s what you remember or what you wished for, you can only get what you pay for.

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