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The Christmas Item Over the Christmas Experience

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Every year, members of the RuneScape community eagerly await the Christmas holiday event. What new item, emote and/or music was going to be added on? Last year, players voted for a particular reward, i.e. Santa costume and freeze emote. This year, no poll was given (most likely in accordance CEO Mark Gerhard's policy on announcing detailed updates in advanced). The costume was certainly different. Rather than going along with the standard bright and cheery attire and decorations, we were reminded of the ghosts of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Perhaps some of us remember its message, perhaps not.

While participating in the event, it was to my dismay that I found a number of people wishing that the items were tradeable so that they made make money off the event. Some may remember that in previous years, holiday events were holiday item drops that initially only happened once in one day, eventually changing to every few hours. Those items dropped were tradeable and became our discontinued items today. Jagex had changed how holiday events worked because it was simply not in the holiday spirit to have players selling the items that was meant to be for fun.

Despite these changes, the holiday spirit still hasn't kicked in. Some players may more often than not ignore the cries for help on how to complete the holiday quest, or ignore inquiries about where they got the holiday items to begin with. It appears the overall event doesn't get the Christmas spirit out of some of the players. We forget to have a bit of fun and enjoyment of each others' company.

Perhaps we need to rethink the idea of how we should celebrate the holidays. Maybe we don't need items to complete the event, although they are admittedly a great incentive to participate. All we need is to find a reason why we should celebrate the holiday. Maybe we could have something like the Brimhaven Agility Arena, but without the tickets, but maybe keep the experience points to at least provide some sort of incentive to come and spend time with others. Or maybe make it similar to other mini-games requiring teamwork.

However, it's just a lot of ideas floating around.

Items are fun, but not if we're obsessed with thinking about how we can profit from it, or wishing we can profit from it. Quests are fun, but it feels like people are just trying to get them done for the sake of getting them done. We need something more engaging with other players, and experience may just be the way to help us get some of the holiday spirit back.

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