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RuneScape Updates for 2010

Written by and edited by Mdeoxys

With the new year brings a new schedule of things to come for RuneScape. I got a chance to sit down with a Jagex staff member who gave me a few hints of what we can expect for 2010!

We can expect to see some more snow covering the landscape during the course of the rest of the winter to reflect what the weather is like in Cambridge. This weather may also include some obstacle courses for us, including climbing over snow piles and shoveling our houses out. Mass rescue missions may prove to be a challenge.

Ahh, the season of love. To add onto the other holiday celebrations that we have already, we may get to help a few RuneScape citizens get into the mood of things for Valentine's Day! Get ready to share your love with your friends and family as you travel through the RuneScape with the help of a friend.

Fancy seeing a bit of green? St. Patrick's Day may be just remembered as wearing green to avoid being pinched, but color may not be the thing to rescue you and the leprechaun community. Dust off the trusty spades and buckets. You've got a lot of exterminating to do.
Another nice update you may like is the introduction of daylight and night changes to the game.

The Easter Rabbit once again needs your help. Why can't he ever do his own work? It seems that this year, the cost of maintaining the factory has risen quite sharply no thanks to the brother of a certain someone we met during 2009's Christmas event. Read up on some basic hygiene techniques because this quest may hurt!

Fairy Tale Part III: The Court. The Fairy Queen needs your help in eliminating the problem in her kingdom once and for all. With the help of an army of fairies, can you lead them to victory? And can you stop the Fairy Godfather from his devious plans before it's too late? Some new Fletching and Smithing skills may be required. After all, an army can't go without weapons and armour now can they?

A strange object has been spotted flying over RuneScape, sending its citizens into panic and the kings ordering their armies to take aim. Get aboard your balloon with Auguste as you investigate the Unidentified Flying Thing that's had the kingdoms in an uproar. You may become more than enlightened.

The waters of RuneScape have suddenly muddied and change to a deep shade of red! Is this the coming of Zamorak? Work with the Chemist and Elena to quickly track down the problem as you deal with followers of the evil god and his opponents.

Many of RuneScape's cities have workers that have been at it non-stop for over nine years and are demanding for a break. Go from person to person in the major cities to take some time in their shoes and earn a bit of credit for yourself.

Oktoberfest is here! Head over to Mos Le'Harmless to see what's the brewery planning to contribute to the event, or head down to a local pub to find out what new drinks they have to offer.
After that comes the Halloween event. The Spider Queen has ordered you to go look into a missing spider case. It seems that she had sent a few emissaries to Draynor Manor to meet with Count Draynor, but they have not returned. Get to the bottom of things as you dig into the Manor's history to find out where these spiders went.

Once again the Lumbridge Cook needs your help with Thanksgiving. The castle has grown tired of turkey (and the tedious task of hunting them) and have requested for something different: jubbly birds! It's a long way to the Feldip Fields, so they've asked Rantz to bring in a large shipment to Lumbridge. Rantz did arrive in Lumbridge, but without the birds! Head over to Port Sarim to see what the hold up is before the Duke decides to put the Cook and Rantz on the chopping block!

The children of Al Kharid have heard stories of Santa Claus and snow, but they've never seen it! Become their escort and take them to the Land of Snow, but make sure they're prepared or you'll have a bitterly cold problem on your hands...

Note: This article is not a real breakdown of an interview with a Jagex member, this is written for fun purposes only. Maybe it is an idea for you, as reader, to write what you think will happen in 2010. It's a lot harder than you think. Before you complain about how updates may suck, think about all the hard work that's been put into it for all sides of the development process.

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