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The Alphabet Guide of How to be a RuneScaper

Written by and edited by Tipit

During my travels, I have come across many peculiar things in my time. I've met Ping and Pong all the way to Hans who just walks aimlessly in the court. I have grabbed some helpful tips from those who I met on my journey. From level 1's to 785's, they all had something to add. I have compiled the best of the best and now present to you the Alphabet Guide of how to be a Runescaper.

Attempt the unattainable, except trying to get your pet rock to grow into a boulder.
Be on guard, not dressed like one.
Collect your cabbage, one pick at a time.
Discover new methods of training, just don't expect to gain extra experience by shouting, "I'm on a boat" while doing Trawler.
Eat only when necessary, you never know when your character's metabolism will finally fall out.
Fear nothing except when you forget an anti-fire shield when face to face with Elvarg.
Give it all you got, except when there is a trade limit imposed.
Help those around you, just not the PKer trying to kill you.
Imagine what NPC's do when no one is around to watch them, now that's character! (pun intended)
Justify your actions to the police especially when you are running around in pink skirts and wielding a rubber chicken.
Kites are fun. 'Nuff said.
Laugh until your sides split. Have a crafty friend stitch you back up and laugh again.
Mystery murder dinner parties are fun except at the Sinclair Mansion. They play too real.
Never hug a chinchompa.
Only you can prevent forest fires, that's what the streets and markets are for.
Please, for the sake of Guthix, mintcakes are for your bad breath not a currency.
Quench your need for speed with magic carpet rides and not with boring camels that spit at you.
Remember a time before the word 'Sailing' was used in every topic.
Share a drink with a dwarf.
Try to figure out who thinks a maze of dangerous blades, spikes and pits is a fun place to play and be agile.
Utilize the Burthrope game room, even if you are the only one there.
Visit your place of origin in only dire situations. The stench of the swamp can harm anyone or anything's nostrils.
Wonder why you play for a moment but then mindlessly continue to craft nature runes again.
Xerography would not be an awesome skill to acquire, so disregard any rumors on that fact.
You control your fate, not the superstitious Ring of Wealth.
Zesty is an acceptable way of winning costume contests.

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