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The future of the God Wars Dungeon....

Written by and edited by Ts_Stormrage

A fat man in a skirt, a giant bird, a "horny" demon, and some women with wings, that can run but not fly, are what make up the boss monsters in what we know as the God Wars Dungeon. At first, these titans of their race offered a genuine challenge to monster hunters in RuneScape. Over the years however they have slowly lost their luster and this, of course, is natural with any update. However, not only have they lost their god-like status, but also they have become increasingly less challenging as RuneScape continues to evolve.

As RuneScape progresses and better armor, tactics, and equipment come into play the older, less challenging objects in the game become even more obsolete. The perfect example of this happening is the King Black Dragon; once the titan of all of RuneScape, is now hunted by everyone from level 50 to level 138 and when the level 138's go for him, he is humiliated and treated like the average goblin. Is the KBD a precursor to what will eventually happen to the GWD bosses? With a five man 130+ Bandos team, Graardor will die within seconds of spawning, at K'ril Tsutsaroth, the same situation will occur, and versus Zilyana, a tad longer to take her down, but again well under a minute. Kree'ara is the only boss left, that with an average team, will take over a minute to kill. This is because of the fact that Range is required and unlike melee, range is typically left in the shadows in the terms of updates. Of course, the God Wars Dungeon is not composed of the highest level bosses in RuneScape, but it is were the majority of people start off their boss hunting.

Some may say that if I don't believe that the God Wars is challenging enough I should try Corporeal Beast. Well I have; and although it may be challenging, it has little to no team interaction and is more so something done solely for the drops and not enjoyment with friends because of the fact that it requires much more attention than most other bosses. Another side may suggest soloing the bosses at the God Wars Dungeon instead of taking them on in a team. Again, I have, and although fun and somewhat challenging, it does not live up to something to be known as god-like. With the ability to solo an upwards of 15 Graardor’s the challenge is almost all but gone for the higher levels; and for lower levels at God Wars, who can still solo upwards of 5 or 6 bosses each trip, the challenge remains, but it is severely lowered from what it used to be.

God Wars, with the addition of enhancements to the combat system, has become increasingly easier for the masses to perform effectively. Without the introduction of a new team boss monster in the near future, similar to the ones in the GWD, will God Wars Dungeon turn into another King Black Dragon or will the drops keep it alive? Even if it does not dwindle towards KBD status it is still becoming increasingly easier with each combat update, especially melee. With this happening, Jagex is forced to introduced new, tougher bosses, who are requiring more and more from the player attempting them. Will this cycle continue with bosses such as the Corporeal Beast or will the cap of 99 HP hinder the advancement of more powerful weapons and make it so the Corporeal Beast remains the titan of monster hunting in RuneScape?

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