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Written by and edited by N0M_AN0R

DISCLAIMER: Using any type of macro is against the rules and will lead to your eventual BANNING from the game. Under no circumstances should you use one or assume I am suggesting you to start using one.

Macros, once a menace to society, have slowly dropped out of our game play due to Jagex's sereve treatment towards people who use them. Well...that is what we thought, right? But not only have a certain type of macros grow exponentially since the introduction of the Grand Exchange,they have also become near undetectable and therefore unbannable. This macro, an autotyper, which, due to its simplicity, is one of the best (I am in no way encouraging someone to use one) macros someone will ever use.

For one, the autotyping macro is near impossible to distinguish from someone with a very good word per minute rate if used well. For this reason, Jagex becomes very hesitant of banning people because of the chance of wrongfully banning truthful players. Some believe that Jagex simply has to make sacrifices to ensure better game play, the unrest and unhappiness Jagex has caused their players over the recent years might be relived if a lot of high WPM typists were suddenly banned for breaking one of the biggest RuneScape rules when they, as a matter of fact, didn't. Some also say that it is not feasible for Jagex to tell whether one is autotyping or just a very good typist. But, if you look at the context in which the messages are written, it is usually the last nail in the coffin for deciding whether they are an autotyper or not.

Not only is Jagex wary of taking action against reports about autotypers, they go as far as telling their Player Moderators not to mute for autotyping and have give explicit instructions about the types of spam that can be reported correctly. The muting stance is understandable of course; but going as far as outlining spam in terms of game related and non-game related forms and not making exceptions for certain instances makes a player moderator virtually useless towards anyone who obviously autotypes messages which usually tend to advertise chat channels, clans, and services.

As the advertisers have gradually figured this out, they have grown bolder and began spam advertising with multiple auotypers at extremely busy places like the Grand Exchange on World 2. This leads me to the point I have heard many times before, why don't I just use my ignore list. For one, their messages still force chat lines up and to disappearance faster even though I do not see them. Second, for every one I add to my ignore list another five new autotypers are sitting there the next day doing the same thing as the one I added to my ignore list.

As autotypers become more prevalent in advertising such things as price manipulation clans and tie worlds for minigames, neither of which are considered within the spirit of the game by Jagex, will Jagex act on them and amend their rules or will they remain as they have and let it slip by because they either view it as harmless or are too afraid to act because of the anger it may provoke among their players? Are there just not enough people complaining about the situation for Jagex to even care about it as of right now? And if people do complain will they just beat around the bush as they have with price manipulation clans? Although Jagex may appear to be the ultimate macro devourer they, as I see it, are powerless in upholding one of their most important rules due to varying circumstances, which is not the type of image they should be portraying to their newer players, who are very likely to imitate what the higher levels can do and or get away with.

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