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This week Jagex introduced another major upgrade to their game engine for RuneScape. According to them, this has been something they worked on for months, in order to bring us updates that they could not provide on the old game engine. We’ve yet to see what these updates are, but so far we have gotten to enjoy a faster version of RuneScape that uses less memory and offers the highly demanded sound options for both low detail and Firefox.

I have heard mutterings of complaints about the new system from various players this week; stating that the new version lags, or that the censor needs to be tweaked, but let us show some patience and see how things turn out. Other than the first day or two of the upgrade, I have had far fewer problems with lag, and have gotten to greatly enjoy having sound on low detail (is it obvious I had wanted that?).

Censors are easy to criticize, but not quite as easy to write. With all the possible variations of a word (the actual word and its likenesses created by censor evaders), it can be quite difficult to make a censor that is not too strong, while ensuring that it does the job. Jagex has already made updates to it, and I’m sure as time progresses they will perfect it as much as possible. Although, I have found some of the bugs with it quite amusing, such as many players having a portion of their name censored out if it is said, or when typing “doesn’t” one sees “doesn’*”. Jagex has responded quickly and already fixed these and many other bugs with the system.

Jagex alluded to a “big surprise” for macroers this month as well. Does this new game engine hold the key to their dismay? I look forward to finding out! As I have made clear in previous articles, seeing their downfall will be something I greatly look forward to, and I have confidence that Jagex will find a way to enforce their rules effectively, eventually. I hope that time is soon!

Speaking of cheaters, this is a good time to step in and post yet ANOTHER reminder for all of you. Whenever you use a RuneScape site, or any site for that matter, you should definitely be sure you do NOT use the same password for that site as you do for your RuneScape account.

No matter what the site is, or how much you trust the site and its operators, you should not use the same password as you do for RuneScape. There are many “fan sites” out there with only one intention in mind: to steal your password. Most players on forums will either use their RSN for their account name, or reveal it at some point on the forums. Just about anybody can set up a forum, and even make it look legitimate, but that doesn’t mean that it is safe to use the same password as you do for RuneScape.

Furthermore, large legitimate fan sites, such as ours, are often targets for people trying to find ways to steal passwords. Even if you feel 100% confident that a fan site is honest and safe, that does not provide any guarantee of who may be targeting it. If by chance their password database is stolen, or even just a single user’s password is guessed, and your RuneScape password is the same as your forum password, you are an easy target. So just be safe, and make your RuneScape password unique. Do not use it anywhere else. While you are at it, set bank pins and put anything valuable in the bank when you log out.

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