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Well, well, well, they’re finally here. The quite possibly most anticipated update this game has ever seen, player-owned houses, has finally made its way into RuneScape, with the coinciding skill Construction.

All around, it seems like Jagex pleased just about everybody with this release. Players who were longing for their own homes were ecstatic to finally see their dreams come true. We’ve seen them frantically buy up all the planks, nails, and steel bars they can get their hands on in order to build the biggest and best houses possible.

Obviously, this has had a major impact on the market. Oak logs are selling for prices similar to yews, if not more, not to mention what planks are selling for. Prices for items in other skills are even seeing a big decline. Armor, weapons, jewelry, and supplies for other skills are selling for far less than their prices last week. Even the rare market has taken a hit with prices going down, as everybody tries to sell their rares to buy Construction supplies.

For investors who are apathetic to Construction, this is a good time to keep eyes open for dropping prices, and merchants are thriving in the log, plank, and steel bar industry. Obviously this is a short-term market, at least at this magnitude, but if you need to make money right now, Construction supplies seem to be the way to go.

This skill has turned the game upside down. Money is draining rapidly as players race to be first to level 99. There has even been an upset in the #1 overall position! It will be fun to watch the battle between the top two players, as our former leader surely wants his position back, if for nothing more than to get to 99 Construction as soon as he can.

I noticed when the skill was first released that none of the previously commonly used logs were items used in Construction. Willows, maples, and yews have yet to see their debut on the Construction scene, if they will at all. Prices of these logs will surely drop, as everybody has oaks on the mind right now. How long will it be till we see the macroers move from yews to oaks?

My only qualm with this skill lies within the financial aspects of it. With most skills, a player can gather his or her own supplies in order to make whatever they need. With Construction, almost everything worthwhile and efficient requires planks. Even if one chops down his or her own logs, the sawmill operator’s fees can add up quickly, especially if you send your servant to do a large amount of work for you. I realize that for any time-effective skill leveling, it is going to cost money, but even if you gather supplies yourself only the rich will have the resources to carry on.

This is not my primary financial qualm, though. For most skills, to achieve high levels, it is going to cost money, and for many skills, as with Construction, there will be little money to be made from getting a high level. However, with Construction, you can get experience just by having GP. There are rich, successful merchants and stakers who could afford over nine million experience within a couple days by using dungeon monsters or traps, simply making them and removing them over and over.

Don’t get too excited about this though. Getting that much experience by this method would cost over two billion GP, and there are surely more effective ways to get experience. But just like with the charge spell, I’m sure there will be somebody with enough money to be willing to blow it using this method, not that they’ll necessarily take it that far.

Jagex is doing something successfully that many of these wealthy players have said needed to be done. Over the years there have been countless forum threads and posts from players saying that too much money is coming into the game, and that Jagex needs to find an effective way to take money away. We saw attempts with the fire cape challenge, and crystal bows, but those have had little impact compared to what Construction will.

This is a skill for the wealthy, and players racing for the top are willing to spend whatever money they have to. Unlike many other skills, with Construction your money is going to go to NPCs no matter how you raise it. Changing house type and location costs up to 25k GP, adding rooms costs up to 250k GP, and the items in the rooms will drain your resources as you work on perfecting your house. I am excited to see how this will change the economy in the long run, and how players will try to make the money back after they spend it all on Construction. Keep your eyes peeled for the guide to Construction. I assure you, it is coming soon.

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