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Major bugs, rare... or are they? - Part 3

Written by and edited by Racheya

It’s been quite some time since the last Bug Abuse article, but it's time again for another and close to final installment.

Ever since RuneScape's beginning there have been bugs. The majority of these bugs have been graphical and fixed on Jagex's schedule due to the miniscule advantages the bugs gave. However, RuneScape has had it's fair share of major bugs. There are the popular ones like the Party Hat Dupe and then there are the ones that were patched secretly such as the first noclip glitch. Today I'll touch bases on some of the more popular bugs. Some of these you may have heard of but you might not have very much insight into them. Remember that abusing bugs is a serious offence and will most likely end with you being permanently banned from Runescape; so don't abuse any that you might have the chance to.

The Party Hat Dupe Bug

On November 7th, 2003 this bug was discovered by a player named Sixfeetunder when he was experimenting with a program named AutoRune to try and trade a scythe. Although he failed to do this, he discovered something else, something more serious and beneficial to the abuser. He had found a way to create a new un-stackable item out of nothing. He did so by changing the ID of an item in the trade screen with the program (every single item has a different ID). For example, changing the ID to 81 will create an r2h and if you set the value to 0, the game would think you did not put the item up for trade, but the second trade would show the item with a value of 1 (the numbers 0 and 1 pertain to the amount you are wishing to trade).

Click to see Screenshots
of the Party Hat Dupe Bug

Credit to PanicPatrol for providing these pictures

The Barbarian Assault Item Smuggling Glitch

On January 4th, 2007(the same day of release) an infamous bug abuser named Tainted Ones discovered a way to smuggle any item out of the Barbarian Assault minigame with the exception of the role cape. This was made possible by using another bug that was in the game where the game thought you were in a duel. With the help of a friend, the friend would leave the duel and you would be forced back to the duel arena (also called a force teleport – a concept explained in-depth in a previous Bug Abuse article.) with all your items from the minigame. Players would stand at the rune dispenser and gather thousands upon thousands of runes and then have their partner force them out of the minigame with the runes still with them. The most commonly smuggled rune was the Blood Rune due to it being the most expensive rune at the time. This was promptly patched when it was found out; however, not after a few weeks and hundreds of thousands of blood runes were dumped into the game.

This was not the end of this bug, however, because in 2009 another form of item smuggling out of Barbarian Assault was found. This one was much simpler than its predecessor, but still complex to setup. It required a player to hide their summoned familiar but keep the familiar tab. Then after entering the game they would call the familiar and fill it with runes. After the player was done they could leave and the familiar would still have the runes in their inventory (this only worked for Beast of Burden familiars, obviously). Again this was promptly patched and many people banned, as before.

Player Owned House Luring

Probably one of the most successful and widely used luring methods in game at the time, POH luring was made possible by the old system of a player’s hitpoints not going back to max once they left the POH (manually or forcefully). When this was first discovered, one could simply kick the player out of their POH when they were low hitpoints in the middle of a special attack (typically the DDS) and if they died from the special, they would drop their items on the ground outside to the player who did the most damage. After this was patched, persistent abusers got the players to very low HP and kicked them out of the POH still with the low HP. They would then try to kill them through limestone bricks on a furnace or offering them a poisoned karambwan as food to regain health. Other ways such as vengeance were used to kill players outside of the POH after the fix also.

And this concludes my 3rd edition of the Bug Abuse series of articles. There are many more bugs that can be written about and will be in due time. If you wish to see any particular bug or group of bugs discussed you can message me on the boards. If you have enjoyed the last three articles and wish me to continue, say so (if you're not a member of our wonderful forums, please join). Keep reading the Tip.It Times every week and maybe part 4 will appear sooner than you expect.

Remember that NONE of these bugs are still able to be performed and programs, such as AutoRune, are illegal 3rd party software that not only lead to keyloggers, but also bans for using them. ALL credit (except the pictures) goes to a close, banned friend who supplied the information used in today's articles who requests to be unnamed due to privacy concerns.

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