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Eggstreme Manipulation

Written by and edited by lorexvath

We have heard these terms over and over, be it on the forums or as an issue that Jagex will “address”, but has it finally gone too far? Jagex states that they will get the problem under wraps, and little by little they have made progress, yet it still seems like problem will never be fully addressed. Jagex closely monitors certain items within the GE, party hats and other rares being the main ones. Ever looked closely at the price ranges from min to max? They are kept within a few mil for rares, yet the Elysian and Divine spirit shields have HUGE gaps of closer to 50m.

Everyone who actually studies the GE, and/or owns higher end armour and weapons, has noticed that the price of everything is starting to drop, some items faster than others. The Armadyl Godsword and Saradomin Godsword are good examples, dropping over 15-20m each within the past few months. Is Jagex finally getting inflation under control? Or are the buyers starting to take things into their own hands? I admit that I myself have a tendency to buy for max and sell for min, which I know doesn’t help the whole situation, but I have zero patience, along with many others that play this game. Have people gained more patience to buy their items because of the ridiculous prices that they are?

My clan, The Tal Shiar Alliance, considers me as one of the top few to predict when an item is going to come out of a spike or dip, and start to rise or drop again. But now with all the prices going haywire, it’s hard to tell when and where it’s going to stop.

Many of you may have heard about this if you browse the Runescape Official Forums, but for those of you that hadn’t, around 2100 GMT on April 22nd one of the biggest price manipulations to date happened. Out of nowhere, Easter Eggs went from around 250m street value to selling for 40m cash and the rest junk. Most people, including myself, think that this was a ploy to raise street prices again on rares, making it almost impossible for someone that doesn’t have a rare to get into the market.

Sounds illogical, doesn't it? I'll explain. All it took was a few higher end rare merchants to take a small dent in their banks in order for the whole crash to occur. Once they started dumping a few eggs, it spread like a wildfire. People saw them selling cheaply and thought the value of their eggs was crashing, so they started spamming the forums and world 2, trying to get the best they could for their Eggs. Meanwhile the rare merchants sat back to watch what they started, and then moved in to capitalize on it. They started buying eggs back, two at a time if you sold them with a pumpkin or a disk for all cash. Should it not have seemed a bit odd that they would suddenly accept three crashing items for pure cash?

Within three hours of all the panic, ALL Easters were bought out of GE, after selling for min in the GE for a bit, and were back to 150m street value. Seems kind of convenient for all the people that were able to get their hands on eggs while they were so cheap. "Coincidentally", the next day a meeting took place. A list of attendants was leaked on the forums, and everyone on that list is a known ultra-rich rare collector. Ladies and Gentleman, the Goldman Sachs of RuneScape is here.

So we are at the point now where I think we need to take the economy more into our own hands, just being patient will not fix everything. But the question is, how do we deal with it?

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