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The Top 10 ways to know you are doing something wrong in Runescape

Written by and edited by Racheya

If you haven't heard it by now, you will hear "You're doing it wrong!" sometime in your life. It's because we are either clueless on how to do a certain task or we are just ignorant or they just don't know how to do it and you're as cool as a cucumber. So to get past this, we just have to ask for help or just keep being that cucumber. But sometimes this isn't enough. It just doesn't get through our thick skulls or theirs because they aren't a cucumber. I've compiled a list of possible areas that you may need to seek help in so you aren't always being told that "You are doing it wrong." or ways to continue being green.

Note: The camels told me, that this will not work for everyone. All else fails, go herd some sheep.

Top Ten ways to know you are doing something wrong in Runescape.

10. When you do ______ and you are called a _______ noob.
9. You've died to a chicken before.
8. When you've changed your name so many times you don't even remember which names you've had.
7. You still use your ignore list to take notes and hold fairy codes.
6. You are afraid of going near the dark wizards, because of the traumatic experiences you've had in former re-spawned lives.
5. To make a PK Death Match more epic, you play Vuvuzela horns.
4. Superstitions rule your game play. (RoW, Crumbling Tome before Barrows, etc.)
3. When a divine sigil is dropped, you say, "Share, I TB'ed!"
2. You're on a Runescape based chat more than you are on the game.

And the number one way to know that you are doing something wrong in Runescape is...
1. When you use a herring for woodcutting.

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