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Quest Addiction

Written by and edited by Racheya

“Poor Racheya!” I thought to myself, reading last week’s article that she wrote about having “quest phobia”. Yes, I do agree, quests are a big deal. I was rather sorry that quests were an ordeal rather than a thrill for some. I find quests enjoyable and, in fact, quests mean a lot to me.

Let me explain better. I love quests. They are the main reason that I train certain skills. Because of my love of quests I was really upset that “sheep shearer” was prevented from being a quest. For those who don’t know, Runescape’s predecessor was called “deviousMUD” where most of the game was similar looking and most content didn’t exist. There was only one quest; that quest was sheep shearer. So obviously I was upset to hear that the first quest ever was going to be removed from the list of quests. I honestly love quests and here is my counterpart to Racheya’s fear of them.

I am a person who loves puzzles, plots, and characters with a background. I have just finished a quest called Kennith’s Concerns. This quest is part a massive chain of quests that one day will end the series with what I hope will be the most epic quest ever. It chains together the Penguin series, the slug series and part of the white knight series. The quest had no real helpful reward, and there is no reason that some people would do it other than having the quest cape. So then where is the conflict in this article? It’s in the grind, of course.

Yes the grind. Sadly I am unable to do some quests and solve some puzzles and meet amazing characters because of my levels. I am a fan of the little people of runescape, among them the people of Zanaris, the fairies. I was super excited when it was given a graphical overhaul and then the final chapter of the fairytale saga in fairytale part 3. Then I remembered I couldn’t do it or even finish part 2. Why? My levels! I am a few levels short of the farming and summoning requirements. My herblore level is about half of the requirement needed. This isn’t the only thing either. I am unable to do many quests because I refuse to grind some, what are to me, very annoying and difficult to do skills.

Sometimes I wish Jagex would stop making so many high level content quests, with grand rewards just because a player has a higher level than I do. I only wish they made more quests with reasonably low levels. Luckily I have a few of those. If you are like me, and are on the lower level spectrum there is only one truly challenging series, the elemental workshop series. Although I haven’t done it yet, I know the third part has a very challenging puzzle. For once, the mentally keen are rewarded over those with high levels. An item made from the quest, the “body body” is worth about 40,000 coins! The requirements for the final part are merely Level 20 Mining, Level 33 Defence and Level 33 Smithing!

With Racheya I have one commonality, the pointless, frustrating and monotonous tasks. Where she spent over 2 hours trying to open a chest, I agree.

This time I hope you can also fully appreciate the finer sides of quests, for content, for challenge, and for its nostalgia.

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