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Major bugs, rare...or are they? - Part 4

Written by and edited by Mirrorforced

Ever since RuneScape began there have been bugs. The majority of these bugs have been graphical and fixed in due time due to the miniscule advantages the bugs offered. However, RuneScape has had its fair share of major bugs. There are the popular ones like the PvP drop potential glitch and then there are the ones that were patched secretly due them being unknown to the majority, like Safe Deaths. Today I'll touch bases on a few of these bugs. Some of these you may have heard of, but you might not know the insight of them. Remember that abusing bugs is a serious offence and will most likely end with you being permanently banned from Runescape; so don't abuse any you might have the chance to!

++The PvP Drop Potential Glitch++

On April 12th, 2009 players found a way to confuse the game and make it think that a player would be risking much more than they really were. This would only work in F2P PvP worlds and was during the era of PvP worlds without Bounty Hunter worlds. It was performed by depositing large amounts of GP or items into a summoned Beast of Burden on a member's world and then switching to a F2P PvP world. This would cause the game to think that you were risking the amount that was in your familiar also. However, you would not lose the GP since the familiar would not appear and therefore not disappear when you died in a F2P world. Players would proceed to die multiple times causing the game to think they lost very high amounts of GP (usually in the tens of millions), which would in turn raise their drop potential. They could then go to members worlds and 26k (the process of having a friend die to you with 26K GP so they would produce a drop on death-it is now called 76k), which would cause high valued drops to appear such as Dragonfire shields, furies, and Dragon Full Helms. Many players made tens and hundreds of millions off this glitch daily. This was leaked quickly and patched a few days afterwards.

++Safe Deaths++

There isn't much too say about the Safe Death glitch besides that you can die and not lose any items regardless of where you die. It is caused by the game being confused and thinking you are still in a safe area (more commonly minigame), such as Castle Wars or Clan Wars and after death spawning you back at that area. These are performed by somehow forcing yourself out of the safe area and keeping the safe effect of the area. These can still be performed today, but the force teleport bugs are guarded and not leaked often.

++The Falador Massacre++

Here's a very well known one for everyone to remember . On June 6th, 2006 a major bug was discovered during Cursed You's first to 99 construction party. It was done by using a scrying orb while the house was in PvP mode and having the owner log out. The interface would then disappear and the ability to attack other players would still be available, but in this case wherever you wanted. The most famous person to abuse this bug was the well-known Durial321. He pk'd people for millions of coins, including a few Party Hats. However, he was force disconnected and banned very shortly after he started doing the bug. Many other players abused this bug in smaller sprees. Most of the players were banned, but some escaped punishment. Due to the massive event taking place at the time, Durial321 was able to cause a massacre and make himself, as well as the event, one of the most famous things in all of RuneScape.

And this concludes my 4th edition of the Bug Abuse series of articles. There are many more bugs that can be written about, but most will not be. Remember that NONE of these bugs are should be performed (most cannot be) and cheating programs are illegal 3rd party software that not only lead to keyloggers, but also bans for using them. ALL credit goes to a close, banned friend who supplied the information used in today's articles who requests to be unnamed due to privacy concerns.

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