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"Where have you been?"

Written by and edited by Racheya

"Hello there Mr. Chaos Druid. How are you today?" Ok, so I'm a little weird, talking to NPC's, but anyone who knows me knows I'm little kooky. But hypothetically speaking, I could get a response, what would be said to me? Now, there are a variety of responses I could hear such as "Ah, it's wonderful! I've just been picking some herbs, there are a couple around here that you could have." or "Please, I don't want to die again! Go kill a goblin instead!" Both are valid, but what if they said, "Where have you been?"

I stumbled across this thought when I was opening up resource dungeons recently. A lot of these dungeons revealed training spots that I don't normally use anymore, because of the phrase "Time is Money" and therefore there are 'better' outlets to spend my time and resources than to be spending my time at those resource dungeons. But should I just disregard these resource dungeons as pitiful and unworthy of anyone's time? The answer is no. Instead, I need to thank these places for their uses and the time I spent there.

One of the things I enjoy about Runescape is that if I started an account today, it'd be close to the same process as I first joined six years ago. Level 3 character, each with skills at 1, you get the picture. But from there, how we develop the character is our own decision. Go be a quester, go be a monster hunter, go join a clan; the decision is yours, but you couldn't immediately jump out of Lumbridge and go fight some Tormented Demons. No, not at all. Another thing we have in common with our characters, is training skills. Now, I don't know about you, but if you have level 1 mining, I don't expect you to try to even mine some rune. No, you have to work your way up the skill. So we have to take steps to get our skills up, so we use certain training spots as stairs to aim for our final goal, which is end game content.

On these steps, these resource dungeons and other places across Runescape exist. Those Hill Giants? Yeah, if you were/are f2p, you and your friends have been down there on end, just killing them for their big bones and other drops. If you are 138 combat, would you leisurely go down there for as you did back in the day? Most likely not. But don't blast them just because you yourself don't use them anymore, the point is, you did use them, and you should thank them for being there. There are characters of all different levels across all the different servers out there, so these training areas still serve a purpose.

In conclusion, more new updates mean more outdated efficient training spots, for you, not necessarily for others. Also on the proverbial staircase of Runescape, there is no way to get to the top where the end game content is, unless we first take the steps to get there. There is no denying the usefulness of these lower level places because you too had used them. So the next time you're strolling through the game, and you see mining coal carts or those goblins you killed and killed for a chef hat, don't forget about them. Enjoy the times you did have with them. They were part of the steps it took to get where you are at today, you awesome player you. ;)

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