The Tip.It Times

Issue 9999gp

Unforeseen Consequences - Part 1

Written by and edited by Wingless

20th of Pentember, Year 169 of the 5th Age

* * * * *

Candle light flickered over the tattered and crumpled pieces of papyrus sitting in a disorganized pile on the floor. Sir Amik Varze added one more piece of parchment to the number in the corner as he sighed deeply, looking over his note. He read it over one more time:

Dearest Sir Ren Itchood,

I am not quite sure who gave you the authority to start up this project and I am very concerned about the potential consequences for our operations here in Falador now that you are unfolding it. I had one of my men speak to the seers over near Camelot and they insisted that none of their order had left recently nor had anyone joined ours. You may call these people “seers,” but one of my men assisting you brought to my attention that they are somewhat shady characters. Don't think that you covered up the incident with that one woman wanting a pentagram in a circle along with fresh blood from a virgin. You may have disposed her but we know about that and are keeping an eye on you. Under ordinary circumstances, I would have not been concerned about this project had you asked permission first and been granted it. However, since no one is sure who exactly gave you the nod to do this, I have to question your motive and your process. Lady Table has told me that the majority of your seers resemble witches and other evil mages. She, among others, is also concerned about this project. I'm not fully convinced that these seers – if that is what they are – are motivated to help us by money and not by a safe haven to practice their magicks. You must know that if we have just one slip-up at all then all of our operations could be ruined. I'm not just talking about the Temple Knights, but all of Falador, Asgarnia, and beyond could be at risk here. You need to take the utmost care.

Lastly, I'm not certain that the services of these seers are absolutely necessary. Savant and our other best sages have been doing a wonderful job aiding us and we have not had any major defeats thus far. I understand your optimism and willingness to help in this way, but I don't think we need any seers to foresee the future for us yet. If we need advice such as this in the future, then we may consult seers then. You are allowed to continue with this but only under our strictest watch. The seers must be under guard at all times and we must uphold our security. I want reports daily of your findings and any troubles or difficulties you have experienced. Keep me posted.


Sir Amik Varze

P.S. You still have not paid me back those twenty-five lobsters you borrowed on your “expedition” to the area north of Misthalin.

* * * * *

Sir Amik then took the parchment, folded it, gave it his seal, and carried it with him out of the room as he blew out the candles.

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