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Issue 10099gp

Unforeseen Consequences - Part 2

Written by and edited by Wingless

31st of Pentember, Year 169 of the Fifth Age

* * * * *

“Let go! Ow! Where are you taking me and my family?!”

“Hush you!” ordered the knight has he shoved the small family into a cell and dragged the gate shut with a loud clang. He then put a lock on the door and uttered a small spell onto the lock. It began to glow as two other knights stood next to the gate.

“You can't do this! You're White Knights! You're supposed to be protecting us! Let us go!” the father demanded. His wife huddled in the corner with two children, a boy guessed to be between one and two years old and a girl nearly ten years of age.

“Be silent!” called the knight over his shoulder as he walked away from the prison cell. He was met by another as they walked down the corridor.

“Sir Ren Itchood! What is that family doing in there?” questioned Lady Table.

“They are suspect of a plot to destroy the White Knight's castle.”

“Them? They're just a simple farming family! What proof do you have?”

“The seers told us they were the ones.”

“The seers? They aren't ev–”

“They gave us an accurate description of the family and their names. We found everything they told us to be true, down to every last detail. Even the dark eyes of the boy.”

“Is this true?”


“Still, Sir Amik is not going to be happy that you arrested a family from Falador.”

“He will once we prove they are going to cause great destruction. I need you to gather some enriched snapdragon to make a truth serum.” Lady Table stood for a moment, staring at her fellow knight and then walked away, muttering something under her breath.

“Ah, another criminal locked away by my services.” An old crone limped out from around the corner “Will a meal be served soon? I haven't eaten yet today.”

“You'll be fed as soon as we're done questioning that man,” assured the knight. “This should not take that long.” At that he walked further down the corridor and into another room.

* * * * *

The young man struggled vigorously as two knights tied him to a chair. They secured the last knots and then stabled the chair as the one knight removed the gag in the farmer's mouth. The farmer spat and cursed at them.

“What in Saradomin's name do you think you're doing?!”

Two more knights entered the small questioning room and sat down in chairs across the table from the suspect.

“Sir, we have reason to believe that you are plotting to attack Falador with intent on destroying the castle.”

“What? No! That is complete nonsense! Now let me go!”

“If you won't cooperate, we will found out the truth, one way or another.”

“I'm not planning on attacking anyone! I'm just a simple farmer!”

“Very well.” The knight then picked up a vial of the table and pulled out the cork. “Hold his mouth open please.” Two knights began to force open the man's mouth as another knight stormed into the room.

“What is going on here?”

“Ah, Sir Amik. We were just ready to begin the questioning.”

“Questioning? Why are you questioning this poor farmer? He is innocent!”

“We have proof, the seers – ah, I might as well just show you.” Sir Ren Itchood then forced the potion down the man's throat as he tried to fight it. The knights managed to get most of the potion down him, spilling some while the man spat some back out. After a few seconds, the man calmed and then looked at the knights, smiling gently. “Did you have some questions for me?”

“Yes, how were you planning to attack Falador.”

“I was not planning to attack Falador.” Sir Ren Itchood looked surprised for a moment, then continued.

“Who were you going to attack Falador with?”

“I was not planning to attack Falador with anyone.”

“What? Are we sure this truth serum was made correctly?” he asked his fellow knights.

“The serum was made correctly and is working properly,” responded the man.

“I didn't ask you! Have you talked to any Zamorakian followers lately?”

“No, but who is Zamorak?”

“Impossible. Have you talked to any evil mages or witches recently?”

“No. In fact, the first witch I've ever seen was the one you were talking to in the hallway.” At this Sir Amik shot Sir Ren a most angry glare. Sir Ren Itchood stood up, stared hard at the man for a moment, then walked over and dealt him a nasty blow to the face with his hand. “Umph!” grunted the man as he spat blood out of his mouth.

“Put his head in the water.” The two knights who tied up the man earlier grabbed the man and forced his head into a large bucket of water set on the floor near him. They held him in for several seconds before letting him out as he gasped for air. Sir Ren Itchood then walked towards the door as his companion confronted him.

“What is this madness? We need to stop this now!” demanded Sir Amik.

“No. He's obviously using some magic to avoid the truth serum. We'll have to get the answer out some other way. Maybe we can extract the information out with force.”

“You're mad! He's not a criminal, he's innocent! Can't you see that?”

“No, he's guilty! The seers told me he was going to attack Falador, so he's going to attack Falador. They've been right every time!”

“Just give it up! Let the farmer go!” pleaded Sir Amik.

“NO! I'm right! I know I'm right! We've got to figure out what this man was doing before he gets us all killed!” Sir Ren shouted as he slammed the door shut behind him.

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